Alex Chance – A Pleasant Surprise On A Blind Date

A Enjoyable Surprise On A Blind Date

A Enjoyable Surprise On A Blind Date

Alex Chance was a sexy bartender from Virginia. This babe learned about and applied.

Alex is at a cafe alone. She’s expecting for a blind date to arrive. Maybe this buck will be her voluptuous match. We hope so. We’d like to see how she treats the strapon. Jack reveals up and that babe spots him. They shake hands and kiss on the cheek. That is good for starters. “Wow, It is great to put a face to the voice,” says Alex. “So u work with Samantha at the mall?” this ladies man asks. “Yes, I was so nervous when that babe said she’s setting us up. But I’m happy I’m here. Mind if I step away to go to the bathroom?”

During the time that Alex excuses herself, he calls his matchmaker. “Samantha, we’re here. That babe is in the bath. She’s cute. She’s on her way back. I’ll call u later.” Alex returns and takes her jacket off, showing great, big cleavage ready to fall out of her tight mini-dress. If Jack plays his cards right, he’ll be sucking on those gals before the 11 o’clock news comes on. This babe digs him also so they head back to her place, park on the couch and dig into each other, ravenous for sex. Jack discovers this chab has possibly drilled up.

“Oh shit, do you have any condoms?” that fellow asks. “I do not crave to use any condoms,” Alex tells him. “I urge u to come inside my slit.” “You indeed are the perfect beauty for me,” Jack says, overjoyed. That was too close. This chab almost blew his discharged with her. Now this chab can blow his discharged unfathomable into her cunt and view as that babe shoves out the running spunk without her pink aperture.

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Mona – Lawn boys always get the trim

Lawn males always receive the trim

Lawn boys always receive the trim

Rocky the gardener is watering the lawn when 63-year-old Mona walks up and suggests him a glass of water. This petticoat chaser looks her over and compliments her.

“You look marvelous wonderful yourself,” Mona says. “Would you love to move inside?”

This chab would but not for more water. For a blowjob and shag. Rocky face-fucks her, also. By the way, this chab might be the lawn buck, but this gent didn’t trim Mona’s lawn. You know, the one between her legs. It is curly. He ploughs it with his weenie.

Mona was born in Illinois and lives in Colorado. She’s married. She’s a Mother. That babe is diminutive and has a constricted body. Rocky’s dick is bigger than average. She can take it.

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Holly Wood – Holly Wood. Superstar.

Holly Wood. Superstar.

Holly Wood. Superstar.

Holly Wood knows this babe is got a hot ass, and that babe is assured you’ll think the same thing when u watch her. How assured? That babe named her personal website

This Hollywood native now resides at a little place called The Bunny Ranch in Nevada. Yep, u may have heard about it. It’s the legal bordello featured on TV where u can pay to spend the day with glamourous honeys like Hollywood.

If you don’t crave to rush into fucking Hollywood’s taut, smooth fur pie, that babe likes getting massages. Or maybe u could catch some sports on the tube. She is a greater than standard fan of the 49ers, the Lakers, and the Kings. That babe also enjoys going golfing, racing cars and swimming. “I adore enjoyment dates,” that babe said us. “I love most of all the ones that end up with me being undressed and bent over furniture somewhere! My favorite poses are doggie style and missionary.” And Holly Wood loves foreplay, likewise. “I like giving and receiving. Nothing makes me tremble and moan more than having my cunt licked!”

Nothing, Hollywood? “Well, truly, nothing makes me purr more than having my a-hole licked!” That is what we thought.

Hollywood was excited to have her bigger in size than average, hourglass body worshiped by one of our men. That babe spent a long-time getting ready for the scene, so it’s worthwhile to observe our man spend a lengthy time fondelling and squeezing her magnificent body. This charmer, of course, takes an additional long during the time that massaging and kneading her bigger in size than run of the mill, charming butt.

“I’ve been bound up, tied, and blindfolded. I have been hand fed chocolate overspread strawberries, then had hawt wax leaked all over me. I have had ice cubes slowly tracing my nipples and inserted into my juicy pussy seconds before being banged. I’ve had wild and vehement encounters, but no thing compares to rogering your Lothario on-camera. It is been so thrilling!”

We brought Hollywood into our studios to discharge this set for, and our coworkers over at SCOREland took one watch her 36DDD-cup scones and wondered why that babe doesn’t also own They stole her away from us to shoot some content for them. Be sure to investigate more of her SCORE neverseen content at

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Dolly Fox – Swimsuit Spectacular

Bikini Spectacular

Swimsuit Spectacular

It is the Dolly Fox show and it is always a pleasure to have the blonde fox play at SCORELAND. Dolly’s second cover is the box cover for the DVD SCORE Beauties.

“I love all the attention from one as well as the other men and babes,” Dolly said. “It also widens lots of doors to gripping things.”

Sex on the first date?

“The stud or the gal will have to poke all the right buttons for that. ‘cuz I’m a glamour model doesn’t mean that I am elementary to get.”

“I adore to keep a positive attitude and watch of life. I workout hard and eat properly to keep my body in shape and the more compliments I receive, the more I know I am doing the right thing.”

The verification of that is in the movie scenes and pictures!

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Victoria – Dirty Girl

Indecent Beauty

Dirty Girl

Victoria is 5’9″ with D-cup juggs. This babe was born in Richmond, Virginia, but now lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. About a year ago, Victoria had no titties whatever. Now she has nice pointer sisters of fuckable tit-flesh. “I adore my pantoons now,” this babe said. “Do u know how much I receive away with ‘coz I’ve big marangos? They’re my golden ticket. When I get pulled over, I just make sure I poke ’em up and when the cop gets a worthwhile look, this chab ends up flirting with me and not giving me the ticket. And I like using my love melons to fuck a lad! I not ever knew I would acquire into that as much as I’ve. Now I like to wrap my bra-busters around a guy’s penis when I’m engulfing him off.” Think about that while watching Victoria take a shower, and remember: Even when a honey bunny adore this is clean, this babe is a immodest hotty.

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Minka – Asian Mega-Boobed Porn Star

Oriental Mega-Boobed Porno star

Asian Mega-Boobed Porn Star

What’s Minka’s routine?

“Every morning, I get up at six o’clock, swallow an energy swallow, go downstairs and have a muscle drink, and then I drink a shake with a banana and an apple, a couple of cunts, and then I go to the tennis court,” Minka told. “I do this daily and I don’t have a back problem. I build up my body so I don’t have a problem, but other hotty’s with bigger than run of the mill pointer sisters have trouble standing up ‘cuz they do not exercise. They’re so heavy! Think about 2 heads and putting them in a brassiere! That’s what it’s adore!”

Being the world’s biggest-breasted Oriental adult star and bust glamour model, Minka receives eyeballed and hit on wherever this babe goes.

“Women are laughing all the time, but dudes love it. It doesn’t matter how mature they are. They adore it. The chicks say, ‘Oooooh, that’s disgusting.’ But I say, ‘You desire u had this.’ The guys love it. What hotty’s think, I do not care. The bucks all think I look good. I know they are all thinking ‘I want to fuck her big bazookas.'”

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