Your Euro Granny Slut

Your Euro Granny Floozy

Your Euro Granny Slut

We can always rely on the Czech Republic to deliver hawt, concupiscent hotties, and Valerie is no exception. This skinny copulate doll is a divorcee, Mother and grandmother. “I don’t mind being called a grandmother,” this babe said through a translator. “Just coz I’m a grandmother doesn’t mean I can not be hawt. It is all about your state of mind, and my mind is still young.

“I like to swing. I enjoy the parties they have in Prague. They are nice places to meet young, good-looking males, which I love. I also like to have trios with another ladies man and woman.” Valerie doesn’t have any peculiar fetishes. She’s just wanton and can’t live without to copulate.

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Czech, Please!

Czech, Please!

Czech, Please!

Valerie started doing porn so that she could cum all the time. So far it is encounter her expectations. In this episode, the 43-year-old Czech HORNY HOUSEWIFE and GILF (yep, that babe has grandchildren) cums on her own.

With her age and experience, Valerie knows her body. You need to know her body likewise. She’s slim and has a landing strip on her cunt. She rubs circles around her clitoris and fingers her slutty cookie.

Valerie likewise took a dick in her wazoo whilst that babe was in our Prague studio.

“I love how anal feels and I love the idea of doing something so wicked and wild. Bigger in size than average dongs do not scare me for anal. I can handle it.”

Whether it is a finger in her bawdy cleft or a dong in her a-hole, Valerie will cum any way that babe can.

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Naughty Alysha takes two

Naughty Alysha takes 2

Naughty Alysha takes two

Here’s a scene of Naughty Alysha that is not ever made it to It was shot for SCORELAND, but it displays off everything that has made Alysha not merely a great model but likewise one of the hottest, sexiest and raunchiest HORNY HOUSEWIVES ever.

Alysha sits on a bed with Sergio and Juan. The 2 males engulf on her hooters, one boob to each ladies man. Alysha wants schlongs in her face, so they drop their pants, and that babe goes for the double blow and hand job. Sergio eats Alysha’s cum-hole while she blows Largo. Then they take turns screwing her, and when one is in her cookie, the other is in her throat. Finally, they shoot their loads all over her beautiful face.

Alysha is from the Gulf Coast of Florida. She’s married. She has kids. This babe has larger than average love melons and a admirable, round butt. That babe is golden-haired and attractive, and this babe is renowned for stuffing her bawdy cleft with the astronomical dildos (and other foreign objects) that babe can come up with. It is pretty that her bawdy cleft is still fuckable considering the things she’s ravaged it with.

“People ask me all the time whether I can still feel a normal-sized shlong after I have rogered myself with those giant dildos,” she told. “Believe me, I can.”

Her husband, for instance, does not have a king-size shlong. This man has a normal-sized shlong, but this man satisfies her all the time, Alysha told. Of course, that doesn’t prevent Alysha from fucking a lot of other bucks, too, including her fans and random men she encounters in sex shops and adult theaters (yep, they still have those, and the ones Alysha goes to are erotic).

But get this:

“I’m very timid,” this babe said.

We love her idea of bashful.

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Best Ass-Fucked MILFs


Best Ass-Fucked MILFs

And now for something a little different, a break from our usual routine: Our hottest anal MILFS in their hottest scenes. There is no setup here. No foreplay. Just 40something chicks getting their booties filled with mammoth porn rods. This day, photos. Wednesday, the episode with non-stop action.

The MILFs:

Raquel Sieb, a 46-year-old blond with a buxom booty. Raquel says things like “Stick that big pecker in my ass.” Her two passions are shopping and banging, and when she’s shopping, that babe is usually looking for the kind of garments that will make her a more-attractive bonk slut. Here, she takes JMac’s larger than average dick up her ass.

Next is Isabella Loren, a 45-year-old Latin babe honey from Miami, Florida who discharged for nobody but us. That babe did 2 scenes and got ass-fucked in one as well as the other. She has that super-slutty look that so many of us like. She’s skinny and slutty.

“My body is very little, so boys are always afraid they’re plan to break me in half if they bonk me also inflexible,” Isabella said. “And then when it’s time for anal, they always think they must be gentle. Not with me, they don’t! When it is time for anal, my booty is always wet and moist, so u can pound it. Stick your schlong in my dark-skinned hole and work it! Slap my wazoo and shag me until my a-hole is sore. I love it, baby!”

Ruby Thompson is a 40-year-old divorcee from Atlanta, Georgia who said us, “I love to touch myself while thinking about a rigid strapon in my face hole or my hawt cunt. I’ve masturbated at work and in tanning beds, but that solely gets me willing for the nighttime. I try to copulate at least 10 times a week, more if I can.”

Semmie deSoura is a 48-year-old personal coach who’s super-flexible and fit (in one of her scenes at, that babe sucks 10-Pounder during the time that doing push-ups).

And Nastaya Simmons is a 41-year-old housewife from Russia whose boyfriend granted her permission to come here and get ass-fucked by strangers.

Keep the Kleenex handy, gentlemen. You’re intend to have to clean up after this one!

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Amber Lynn’s on-stage fuck show

Amber Lynn’s on-stage screw show

Amber Lynn's on-stage bonk show

You know the mature rule, “There’s no sex in the champagne room”? Well, there is no sex in the champagne room in this scene. Amber Lynn Bach, a 41-year-old wife from Central Florida, is a exotic dancer who doesn’t copulate her customer in the champagne room. That babe fucks him right on-stage. She shoves her big bosoms and exotic dancer snatch in his face and does him right there, and the bouncer doesn’t do a damn thing about it. And isn’t that how it should be?

Unveil of hands:

How many of u have eaten a stripper’s twat whilst she was on-stage? How many have fingered a stripper’s muff?

How many of u have gotten a hand job from a gogo dancer? How many of u have gotten a irrumation from a lap dancer? How many of you have screwed a exotic dancer? We’re not talking about in the privacy of your own home or hers. We’re talking about in the strip club, either on the stage or in the champagne room. ‘cuz it does happen, you know. A lot.

Amber Lynn began exotic dancing in 2002. That babe likes intend to biker events, and the men there go wild each time they watch her hot body in small outfits. She realized early that she has the goods that dudes wanna see and could go beyond the ordinary routine of day-to-day life. So by 2003, Amber was baring all.

Amber can’t live out of attention. This babe dresses in skin-tight jeans and taut tops. The hot Florida honey bunny look. This babe is, in every way, the consummate HORNY HOUSEWIFE.

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Busty MILF stripper Amber Lynn offers extras

Big-Boob SEXY HOUSEWIFE stripper Amber Lynn suggests extras

Busty SEXY HOUSEWIFE hawt dancer Amber Lynn offers extras

Amber Lynn Bach really used to be a exotic dancer, which is one of the things that makes this scene so sexy. We have all thought about rogering strippers in the VIP room, haven’t we? At least getting a oral-service? And it is always great when we come across a lap dancer who’s too a MILF. Amber Lynn is from Central Florida, and this babe is been popular among big boobed lovers for a lengthy time. Now she gets her turn at

In this scene, Amber Lynn is on-stage and stripping. This babe is showing her melons and spreading her cookie, which, as we all know, are important dance moves. But this babe doesn’t take her customer back to the champagne room to suck and bonk him. This babe does it right on-stage.

Must have been a slow day at the exotic dancing club, although you gotta figure that when word of Amber’s exotic dancing skills got around, the place filled up quickly, even for day shift.

Amber told that when this babe was a hawt dancer, this babe liked showing her body to strangers and knowing they all wanted to drill her.

“It was lots of fun,” Amber told. “I also danced at Rachel’s in West Palm Beach.”

Amber is a part-time swinger and a full-time lustful wife. She enjoys swimming, going to the Health Exotic dancing club, SCUBA and sightseeing. She says she has a fuck-me shoe fetish, screws at least four times a week and has had enough raunchy experiences to fill a Masters & Johnson book. More power to her!

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