Explore Bianca’s body

Explore Bianca’s body

Explore Bianca's body

The woman you’re looking at is 59 years old and will turn 60 on February 22. Amazing. The women at 50PlusMILFs.com are always very well-preserved, but Bianca, a mother of three and grandmother of three from Quebec, Canada, takes it to a different level. There are women less than half her age who would beg for her body. Of course, we’re begging for her body too…to fuck it and have our way with it, like a lucky stud will on Thursday.

But today is all about our introduction to Bianca. This beautiful, sexy blonde is wearing a short and sexy sweater dress that shows off her long, shapely legs. She’s wearing red high heels, too. And eyeglasses. Very nice.

“Just imagine your hands running over my body,” Bianca said. “Start with my legs if you’re a leg guy and then all the way here if you’re a butt guy and then, of course, if you’re a boob guy, I think you’re gonna like that because they’re pretty nice. I like them, and so far, no complaints.”

Bianca takes off her dress and reveals that she’s wearing matching black bra and panties. She has jewelry in her belly button, too, and you know a MILF is confident about her body when she gets her navel pierced. Before long, everything has come off except her heels, so Bianca fingers herself then fucks herself with one of her favorite toys. We get great views of those nice tits and her perfect ass.

“I was a police officer for 17 years,” Bianca told us.

“I’m pretty open about what I like sexually. Just about anything.”

Fucking guys half her age…getting her pussy eaten…sucking cock…eating cum. Bianca does it all, stay tuned.

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The Hair Salon Hottie

The Hair Salon Hottie

The Hair Salon Hottie

Krystal Swift is the hottie hairdresser in the kind of salon we wish existed in real life. So we had to create it.

We’ve all left our heads in the hands of sexy and pretty haircutters at one time or another. And we’ve all fantasized about banging one or more of them. Krystal’s customer gets to leave his dick in her hands. And in her mouth, pussy and between her really big boobs.

Fortunately for tit-men and for SCORE, Krystal did not disappear from the modeling scene, either to run off to get married or to settle down in some mundane job. She was still ready, eager and willing to peel off her panties for the SCORE camera, still looking like eye-candy.

“You have nice tits,” says a grinning Dennis as he gets a scalp massage by Krystal, his face a few millimeters away from her spectacular cleavage. “Oh, maybe you want to see them?” asks Krystal. These Czech hairstylists! Why aren’t Americans as helpful and as eager to please?

Krystal happily pulls out her twin torpedoes and Dennis immediately starts sucking and motor-boating them. His hair treatment is forgotten. Krystal joins in to taste her ripe melons. She’s a lucky girl. She’s got them to suck on every single day.

Krystal believes in special treatment for her customers so she and Dennis swap positions. He stands and she sits in the salon chair. She takes his fucking cock that she’s made as hard as a railroad spike and sticks it between her magnificent tits.

Dennis fucks Krystal’s big tits with passion and she lowers her head to suck him stiff with equal gusto. As soon as Dennis penetrates Krystal’s pink clam, the ramming begins. He pounds Krystal like a jackhammer. Her screams fill the salon. It looks like a cream rinse will be part of the treatment. Except it will be Krystal who’ll be the one getting the cream rinse, not her customer.

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Newbie Karla opens wide for you

Newbie Karla opens wide for you

Newbie Karla opens wide for you

Today, you get to enjoy Karla, a 45-year-old first-timer who’s dressed for sex in a bra that shows off her big tits and sheer panties that show off her big, shapely ass. She’s alone, but she’s okay with that. She gets naked and fingers her pussy very deep. Spreads that nice ass of hers, too. On Thursday, she’s going to fuck a 20-year-old.

Karla is from Cali, Colombia and lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She’s 5’7″, weighs 138 pounds and has DD-cup tits. She’s married and in an open relationship, meaning both are free to fuck whomever they want. If Karla was our wife, we’d only want to fuck her. And maybe we’d invite her friends to join in.

Yes, she’s a mom. She has worked as a purchase manager, a store manager, a dental assistant and in admissions at a school.

Would the people she knows be surprised to see her here?

“The people who really know me, no,” Karla said. “Some would be surprised, but my family and closest friends already know.”

For some reason, your 40SomethingMag.com editor just loves that.

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Hard and Fast

Hard and Fast

Hard and Fast

Melody and her guy get right down to business, kissing and rubbing and making their way to pound town. She starts off by giving his shaft a few licks and then introduces his cockhead to her tonsils. Melody deep-throats down to the balls and gets face-fucked without gagging. You can tell that she’s passionate about giving head.

Melody also loves fucking and bounces on this guy’s dick like it’s a pogostick. Hard and fast is her MO when it comes to sex. Melody has the stamina to ride for a good amount of time, her full C-cups jiggling wildly in reverse cowgirl. She gets in doggie-style and her pale asscheeks turn red from the pounding and slapping.

Such a good girl deserves a good load, and that’s what Melody gets all over her face and tongue.

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It’s Clara’s turn

It’s Clara’s turn

It's Clara's turn

When we asked Clara Red, a 66-year-old newbie from Chicago, Illinois, to tell us the most-fun job she’s ever had, she said, “I believe it will be this one.”

Ah, Clara. Although you are getting paid for showing off your beautiful body and sucking and fucking young studs on-camera, we’ve always said that being a 60Plus MILF isn’t a job. It’s an adventure. Today’s adventure for Clara includes showing off her beautiful, bangable body and spreading and fingering her very pink pussy for all the world to see. And Thursday, it’ll mean fucking a guy who’s half her age.

Clara, who now lives in South Florida, has that classic granny look, like Bea Cummins, Jewel and Lola Lee. She looks like she should be at some country club, playing tennis and hanging out with her golden girls gal pals, but instead, she’s here, doing things most 66-year-olds don’t do.

“I have reached an age where I have taken care of everyone and everything in my life and now it’s my turn to just let myself be me,” she said.

Clara has a son and a daughter.

“When my son was younger, his friends used to talk about MILFs when they thought I could not hear them. It was pretty funny back then. I also have three grandsons.”

Will her son’s friends see Mrs. Red on 60PlusMILFs.com? Who knows? For their sake, we hope so.

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Delilah Day

Delilah Day Delilah Day
Delilah Day @ BlacksOnBlondes.com
Delilah finds herself in a bit of a pickle. Seems she has been dating two men unbeknownst to each other for the last six months. Feeling guilty over sneaking around and fucking each guy she decides to confront the problem and solve it. So she invites both men over and lets them know she loves them both but only one gets to keep the pussy. That’s the man who fucks her the best. It’s an old fashioned "fuck off" and the loser goes home. Upset at first by this slut they both loved the men decide what the fuck, let’s go for it and proceed to lay it down. Young stud Chris gives it all he’s got and seems to be in the lead but wiley old Scotty is merely lurking in the woods and pounces when the young buck slows down. Trading cock rounds and power stuffing her twat the two men go at it like Roman gladiators in the ancient coliseum. In a flurry it is position after position as she rides the cocks, sucks the cocks and gets her pussy destroyed. Soon she is drenched in a massive cum shot all over her face by both cocks at the same time and she finds herself in even more of a conundrum. This might need a followup session.
Delilah Day Delilah Day
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