Foxx holes

Foxx holes

Foxx holes

Kenzi Foxx is back for more. More for her and more for you. Today, this 50-year-old wife and mom shows off her big, fake tits and pierced nipples (“Do you like my piercings?” she asks), sweet ass and pink, gaping pussy with one of the biggest clits in

Thursday, Kenzi is a schoolgirl. “A schoolgirl?” you might ask. “She’s 50!” Okay, she’s an escort in a porno schoolgirl outfit who convinces a john that older women are better than young girls at sucking dick and fucking. But you already knew that.

“I hear quite often how good my pussy feels,” Kenzi said.

How to get on her good side? “Keep me warm, fed and fucked. I hate being cold. I’m always hungry and horny.”

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Slutty Redhead Goes for a Dick Ride

Slutty Redhead Goes for a Dick Ride

Slutty Redhead Goes for a Dick Ride

This guy follows Vanna up the stairs, feeling up her ass the whole way.

He seems mesmerized by her, and it’s easy to see why. Vanna is a beautiful, slender redhead who oozes sex appeal.

The scene is hot and heavy from the get-go. He can’t keep his hands off her, and soon his cock will be inside her mouth and pussy.

Vanna’s braces don’t interfere with her giving a hot, passionate blow job. She swallows him till she gags, almost taking down the entirety of his huge cock.

The tiny teen takes it deep from behind. She backs her ass up on him with an insatiable need to fuck. Whatever position they’re in, he pounds her deep, just the way she likes it. By the end of the scene, Vanna’s pussy and ass are glistening with her girl cum. And then her face is glistening with this guy’s cum as he completely drenches her.

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Mom gets ass-fucked in her first XXX!

Mom gets ass-fucked in her first XXX!

Mom gets ass-fucked in her first XXX!

Nina Lakes, a 43-year-old redhead, is gardening outside her house in short shorts and a little top when Nicky comes along and sees her. He likes what he sees. He’s checking out her ass when Nina catches him.

“Nicky, what are you doing?” she says.

“I’m so sorry. I was looking for your daughter,” he says.

“You’re looking at her mom’s ass,” she says.

“I was looking for Melissa,” he says.

Sorry, buddy, but Melissa is not in her mother’s shorts.

“Her mom’s ass turns you on?” she says.

Well, yeah, it does. He likes what he sees. She likes what she sees: the bulge in his pants. So she invites him inside so he can get a better look at her ass, and while she’s at it, she sucks his cock and offers up her pussy, too. But not just her pussy. Her ass!

That’s right: Nina is getting ass-fucked in her first-ever on-camera XXX scene!

Nina is a divorcee and mother of two from Ohio who now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She got divorced just last year. She’s 5’7″, 128 pounds with DD-cup tits and brown eyes. She enjoys shopping online, walking her dogs, skating, hiking and swimming. We asked her what kind of guys she likes, and she said, “I like all men.”

She used to be a stripper. She has also been a dental assistant and a cosmetologist.

Sexual fantasy: “Several men at the same time.”

Kinkiest sexual encounter: “With twin brothers.”

Anal sex? “Yes!

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Sooner Poon!

Sooner Poon!

Sooner Poon!

Zaya is from Tulsa, Oklahoma. That’s The Sooner State. So when she contacted us and asked if she could model for our site, we said, “The sooner the better!”

Zaya, who’s a tender eighteen years old, is 5’1″, wears a tiny A-cup bra and weighs around 100 pounds. “I work as a dance instructor,” she told us. “So I’ve really got to keep my body lean. I like to sing and dance, so it’s not really that hard for me. Plus, I think that sex counts as exercise! I have sex two or three times a week, but I honestly could fuck every day. I’ve got a really strong sexual appetite.”

And we’ve got an appetite for 18-year-old pussy! There’s something so tantalizing about seeing a cunt that’s only been spread for one or two guys ever. It’s practically virgin!

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Amaya May & The Bra Thief

Amaya May & The Bra Thief

Amaya May & The Bra Thief

Amaya May has a pair of the best and biggest natural tits I’ve ever seen. They measure 48 inches and need a 38G bra. The tan lines add the finishing touch. She has the kind of breasts that a company like Doc Johnson should make a mold of and replicate in Latex. I was glad she accepted our invitation to shoot. She was webcamming as giggles_4u when we spotted her.

The storyline for this video is about Amaya bringing Joe fresh towels and finding her bra in his closet. It’s not spelled out who they are to each other. I had the impression that she’s his landlady and he’s a boarder who stole her bra for jerk-off reasons, but there’s female clothing in the closet. It doesn’t matter. Porn creates its own fantasy logic. If I were Joe, I would be sending The SCORE Group Christmas gifts every year for being picked to fuck this towering bra-buster.

So what does a woman built like a brickhouse do when she catches a guy stealing her bras? She tit-fucks him, of course, and then sucks and fucks him. But first she models the bra for him. After Joe jerks on her boobs, she licks the cum off her fingers. I appreciated that, too.

Amaya talked about bras, a subject she’s very knowledgeable about.

“I wear a bra most of the time,” she said. “They say if you don’t wear one, your boobs will start sagging. I think one boob’s a little bigger than the other. The left one. Because when I look at the pictures, sometimes the left one looks bigger.

“I don’t like my bras to fit well. I like my bras small. I like a little bulge. Not always. It depends on the situation, where I am and what I’m doing. Whether it’s appropriate or not appropriate.

“But no matter what I wear, they’re going to be pretty obvious. I can’t hide them. If I put on a sweater, they look ginormous, and you would think that’s covering them up. The more I cover them up, the bigger they look, so it doesn’t matter what I put on.”

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Toy time for a red-hot 61-year-old

Toy time for a red-hot 61-year-old

Toy time for a red-hot 61-year-old

Nicol Mandorla, a 61-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from the Czech Republic, is back for another week of action: solo today, fucking Thursday. She’s wearing a super-sexy, very revealing outfit with a black bra, panties and stockings. She strips out of that outfit, shows off her tits and very nice ass and then fucks her slightly hairy pussy with a dildo until she cums.

In addition to getting off and fucking, Nicol enjoys running, yoga and gardening.

She loves “young meat.” She means cock, of course.

Her perfect evening: “A delicious dinner, a sensual body and feet massage and good sex. I am a romantic person. Every date must be full of candles.”

She says the people she knows would be surprised to see her here because “I am not an extrovert. But I’ve enjoyed doing this like nothing I have ever done before.”

It shows. Nicol has a very sensual way about her, and when we watch her, it’s as if she’s forgotten the camera is there.

“It is a lot of fun to be able to do something like this,” she said. “Most women at my age cannot.”

Most women her age don’t look like Nicol.

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