Kinky Katarina satisfies her anal kink

Kinky Katarina satisfies her anal kink

Kinky Katarina satisfies her anal kink

In this scene, 58-year-old divorcee Katarina Kink wants to play model and have her guy play photographer. He’s a real deadbeat, lying in bed, playing on his phone, but Katarina quickly gets his attention. Before long, they’re 69ing and he’s fucking her pussy and ass.

50Plus MILFs: What’s the most-fun job you’ve ever had?

Katarina: This and being a cam model.

50Plus MILFs: What would be your perfect day or evening?

Katarina: Going out dancing then a night of hot sex.

50Plus MILFs: How do you like to dress when you go out?

Katarina: Classy with a hint of filth.

50Plus MILFs: Have you ever had sex with another woman?

Katarina: Only kissing at swingers clubs, but I liked it.

50Plus MILFs: Do you initiate sex or wait for the guy to make the first move?

Katarina: I entice so he thinks he’s made the first move, but actually, it’s my command!

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Tasty MILF Gianna

Tasty MILF Gianna

Tasty MILF Gianna

“I dress sexy whether it’s a nice-fitting dress or sexy, tight pants,” said Gianna Chanel, a 47-year-old divorcee and mom from Miami, Florida. Today, Gianna is wearing just a bra and panties. She strips out of both to show us her bangable body.

“I love fashion,” she said.

You’re going to love her big tits, pink pussy and beautiful face.

“I like to read. I like yoga,” Gianna said. “I like to travel. I’ve traveled to many places in the world. The Caribbean. I love the blue water and just sitting by the beach. Sometimes I go topless. I like to play tennis, do online shopping, go to the beach and workout. I love watching wrestling and boxing tournaments.”

Gianna likes guys “who love to spoil a woman.” We’d love to spoil Gianna. She says the people she knows would “probably be surprised to see me here, but they might not recognize me.”

She isn’t a swinger. She isn’t a nudist. She has a foot fetish and enjoys being a dominatrix. She once had sex in a public park. Now she’s doing this. Welcome, Gianna!

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The StarBoobs Barista

The StarBoobs Barista

The StarBoobs Barista

Prepare to fall in love…again. And to also feel like having coffee and a Danish.

While our lovely and big-boobed cutie Kate Marie is working as a StarBoobs barista in this scene, she is actually a tea lover, and since she’s from Chicago, city of countless sports bars, she likes drinking games.

“I drink Long Island ice teas, I drink wine, Irish car bombs. If I drink a beer, it’s probably Guinness,” Kate said. “There’s a really good drinking game we play. It’s called ‘Straws.’ You can have two or three or four people, and you all go to the same bar and usually you split up and you see who gets the most drinks for free, so you collect the straws from each drink. Then at the end of the night, you have them all collected and whoever has the most straws doesn’t have to pay for drinks for the rest of the night. I’ve gotten ten straws. I won that one by a lot. Everyone else had a lot less.”

Now, back to Kate’s tea time. “I’m a very heavy tea drinker. I collect antique tea cups from the time period between the 1700s through the 1950s, and I have some from the Chinese dynasty. It’s a hobby. I will go from antique store to antique store to find the right style of tea cup. I have some from Brazil. I have a 1920s tea cup. I have about 24, and they’re all different kinds.

“I collect teas on top of it all because I drink loose-leaf tea. There’s actually a bra that’s made with tea cups. There’s no way in hell I could ever own it. It has two tea cups, and it looks like a Victorian top, but it’s meant for someone with no boobs.”

The only cups we know range from DD to M-cups. We’ve yet to see a T-cup.

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Anilos - Mature Pleasure

AnilosMature Pleasure

featuring Katie Morine.

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Jan 30, 2022


You would never know Katie Morine is in her 50s from the way this bubbly redhead is always chasing a good time. Seriously, she can’t wait to get naked so she can jiggle her big titties and sink her fingers into her cum loving cunt. Watching her go to town finger banging herself is sure to make your day.

Molly Evans: The Camera Loves Her

Molly Evans: The Camera Loves Her

Molly Evans: The Camera Loves Her

Molly Evans is a girl who loves to make an entrance, and she’s spectacular at it, as this video proves. Even though she’s a teenager, Molly may have found her calling. The camera loves her. As a curvy and stacked, beautiful teen who just turned 18, Molly brings to mind Nicole Peters, Sharday and other great teen dreams.

Molly began developing when she was very young. Now her U.S. bra size is 34JJ, and because of her youth, she still has lots of time to grow even bustier. “Yes, I was the bustiest girl in my neighborhood and in school,” Molly said.

There are lots of things former waitress Molly wants to do. “I want to take a trip around the world and I want to have sex while skydiving.” Meanwhile, Molly keeps active by painting, studying mixed martial arts, singing and being the best model.

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A DP for the big-titted MILF

A DP for the big-titted MILF

A DP for the big-titted MILF

“I sent my pictures in to SCORELAND for the opportunity to get some modeling work, and within a couple of hours, I was throwing stuff in a bag and trying to catch a plane,” big-titted dance instructor Amaya May from Illinois said. “I was, like, ‘Oh my god!’ Made the plane. I thought I was going to miss that. I got picked up by a nice gentleman when I landed and was driven to my hotel. I got a good night’s sleep and was driven to the studio the next morning. Super exciting.”

Yes, super exciting, and it only got better. Amaya not only showed off her huge tits and tight pussy for all the world to see; she fucked, too. And in this scene, she gets DP’d.

Amaya likes men who pay attention to what she likes to do in bed. Her favorite position is doggie and she says foreplay depends on her sex partner.

“I like a guy to do whatever he can to get me going. I’ll let him know what turns me on and gets me wet–tongue, fingers, toys. I can get assertive about what I want done to me. I’ve had sex at the beach in the water. I did a threesome and did some very mild fooling around with the other girl.”

Amaya spoke with us about this scene.

40Something: Which anal position hit your zone the best?

Amaya: Tony during the DP. Damn! I’m gonna touch myself thinking about it!

40Something: In your model questionnaire, you wrote that you’re so-so with anal-licking. Has a guy ever tossed your salad and have you tossed a guy’s salad?

Amaya: I’ve had mine tossed and tossed a few, although some guys won’t let you near it!

40Something: Have you ever done a DP with a partner fucking your pussy while using an anal toy on you?

Amaya: I love using toys. I’ve played with them in every way possible!

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