Sexy, fake-titted MILF fucks her step-son

Sexy, fake-titted MILF fucks her step-son

Sexy, fake-titted MILF fucks her step-son

Piper Press, a 43-year-old wife and mom, is all dolled up in a bra and panties that show off her big tits and bubble butt, a garter belt and stockings. She’s dressed to fuck, and who does she want to fuck?

Her 24-year-old step-son, that’s who! She positions herself outside her door just when he’s walking past to take his morning shower, not knowing that Step-Mom is waiting for him.

“You didn’t expect to see your step-mom standing here like this?” she asks him.

“No, I didn’t,” he says. “I don’t think my father would be very happy about this.”

Probably not, but Step-Mom doesn’t seem to care what Dad thinks.

Piper has two teenage children.

She describes herself as “a gold digger.” Does that mean she’ll fuck for cash?

She has sex three or four times a day, not always with her husband.

As for having sex with a younger man, as she is here, Piper said, “I get off on the control of taking a younger man to my world of sex. The younger men will submit to me. And they are so nervous that I get my way with them.”

Of course, it usually turns out that her way is their way, too.

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Today, you get to fuck a granny’s ass

Today, you get to fuck a granny’s ass

Today, you get to fuck a granny's ass

“Are you ready to fuck my ass?” 66-year-old mom and grandma Clara Red says. “I can’t wait to suck your cock.”

Answer to the first question: Most definitely!

Answer to the next comment: Have at it!

Here, Clara is dressed for sex, and who’s she having sex with? You! Most of this scene was shot P.O.V., so you can easily imagine Clara’s sucking your cock and you’re fucking her GILF pussy and ass and shooting your load all over her fine booty.

Clara told us, “I have been in the healthcare field most of my life. I am a nurse by training. I worked for years as a nurse in the hospital and then starting working in the field of case management. I have been an executive in healthcare for many years. I have done many fun things in healthcare and know a lot about it. I am well known and have been a national speaker and author on healthcare topics as well as personal topics.”

How often she has sex: “Every day, seven days a week, four or five times a day if I’m not working.”

Is she sexually assertive? “I’m more passive. I like direction. I can take a more-assertive approach, but my preference would be more submissive.”

Anal?: “I love it. Can’t you tell?”

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Anilos - Come To My Room

AnilosCome To My Room

featuring Noa Tevez.

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Apr 29, 2022


When Latina mommy Noa Tevez gets home from work, the first thing she wants to do is get out of her clothes and relax. This big nipple milf is as hot as it gets, from her lovely large boobs to her landing strip pussy that is practically dripping with sweet cream.

Jessy Bunny: Caught In The Act Again

Jessy Bunny: Caught In The Act Again

Jessy Bunny: Caught In The Act Again

SCORELAND: So Jessy Bunny, what is something you have tried, but will never do again?

Jessy Bunny: One time I was playing a cowgirl on a guy and it was super intense. I was bouncing like crazy and we both were super wild. I was riding his cock like crazy and he and I played with my melons during that. Then I got the idea to hit him with my boobs to make him even more horny. So I hit him on his head with my four kilograms of boob and it was instant KO. I guess with huge boobs such things are not so easily possible. I will just do such things in the future again if he really wants me to do it.

SCORELAND: It’s a good thing you didn’t KO Perry Layne in this scene. What kind of role-playing sex do you personally enjoy?

Jessy Bunny: I love playing the hot mommy. With these milk canons, this is super hot. I also love playing the naughty schoolgirl that got detention.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had an orgasm from nipple stimulation?

Jessy Bunny: Of course, when someone is licking my boobs, my body goes crazy. It’s like one of my most erogenous body parts.

SCORELAND: When you are tit-fucking, do you like to look at your breasts or in your partner’s eyes?

Jessy Bunny: Neither. I am most focused on his dick. Like, every time it comes near my face, I try to lick it with my greedy tongue.

SCORELAND: Good girl.

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Wrestling With Mella

Wrestling With Mella

Wrestling With Mella

Job: Student; Age: 19; Birthday: August 30; Height: 5’5″; Weight: 110 pounds; Bra Size: 32A; Panties: Victoria’s Secret; Anal: I like fingering; BJs: Swallowing is yummy; Masturbate: I do it a lot; Lives: Lincoln, Nebraska.

Mella is a big fan of WWE wrestling. “There’s something about big, sweaty guys throwing each other around like ragdolls that turns me on,” she told us. When we asked if she likes getting thrown around by big guys, she responded enthusiastically. “Yes! It’s my favorite thing in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I like having slow, romantic sex. Y’know, the kind with candles burning in the background and soft music playing. That’s cool sometimes. But, getting my pussy fucked aggressively while the guy is holding me in the air or pinning me against a wall is just…it makes my pussy wet just thinking about it.”

Enjoy this fuckin’ fantastic set in which Mella enjoys a porno stud’s cock.

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Gia Costello: Home Is Where The Hottie Is

Gia Costello: Home Is Where The Hottie Is

Gia Costello: Home Is Where The Hottie Is

“I will admit, I think cock size is relatively important!” said Gia Costello.

“I would call myself spoiled as far as that goes. In real life I’ve had boyfriends that were pretty well-endowed. And in my experiences filming with SCORE, the guys have been huge.

“Perfect is a nice eight inches or nine inches with some thickness. But it’s not a deal breaker if he’s not that big, he just has to show me he can use it well! My favorite position for tit-fucking is probably on my back, with my head hanging off the bed so they’re extra bouncy!” Gia assumed that position when peeper Nicky Rebel boob-fucked her.

Busty Gia starts to tidy up the living room when she feels the need to tickle her mommy pussy. Clean-up will need to take place later. The window blinds were open and anyone looking in would have gotten a real eyeful.

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