A Tug job To Get The Job

A Tug job To Receive The Job

Ya got to hand it to Chrissie-actually, that babe has to hand it to you!-a 20-year-old sexpot from Recent York. That babe shows up for an interview wearing a slight swim dress top and a short skirt. Her G-string is exposed above the skirt, and we can watch her tramp stamp, likewise. Now, this lad who’s interviewing her…we do not know what the copulate he’s saying half the time, but Chrissie doesn’t care. “I’m gonna make sure I get this job,” Chrissie says as that babe strokes his leg all the way up to his schlong. “Your shlong is getting so worthy and hard-” Chrissie says. “I think that stud desires to come out and play.” So Chrissie takes it out and brandishes off some astounding skills, jacking him with one as well as the other hands, spitting all over his ding-dong and fingering her muff, which gapes quite a bit for a 20-year-old’s pussy. Does Chrissie get the job? Fuck if we know! We’ve not at all made it to the end of the movie out of cumming.

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