Majority Nice A-hole

Most Valuable Booty

There’re some gals that just make you say ‘damn’ when you watch ’em walk down the street. You see them struttin’ down the streets of Miami Beach rockin’ some six-inch heels and yoga trousers. Alexis Rodriguez is that sort. You execrate to watch her go, but like to observe her leave, cause you got to look at that Latina wazoo bounce.

“I’m half Puerto Rican,” Alexis said. “And u know what that means. It means I’ve got a wonderful, kewl arse!”

Alexis is a 22-year aged Miami goddess. And in a town filled with greater than typical booty doxies on every corner, she’s got one of the almost all wonderful booties you’ll see.

“Guys have been talking about my arse ever since I hit about 13,” this babe said. “It just popped up with out nowhere. Guys won’t take their eyes off of it.”

Well, why would we? A-hole appreciation is the greatest compliment you can give a thick playgirl. Plus, it gives u a chance to be named an MVB.

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