Asian Fuckdoll

Asian Fuckdoll

Alina Li is a hawt Asian girl with a serious attitude! Her body is tan and tight, and that babe knows it! Her tiny love melons are consummate teardrops, and her diminutive areolas get harder than a diamond when they’re pinched and played with. This babe might bite if you acquire too close, but if you win her over she’ll let u into the tightest, pinkest and almost any delicious snatch you’ll ever experience. That babe might even take up with the tongue and engulf u clean with those hot, glossed schoolgirl lips.

What do u think is your most positive attribute, Alina?

“If u mean sexually, I adore my vagina. I used to turn bucks away cuz they were too big for me. I am still indeed taut, but I’ve learned how to fit bigger in size schlongs inside of me and now I like ’em. I do not know how it always shrinks back down afterward, but I always have to stretch one more time previous to more sex. [Giggles] Now I don’t turn large guys down!

So what’s the ideal lay?

“I like to do adventurous ram, like skydiving and things. I think the consummate lay would be if he picked me up on his motorcycle, took me to sushi, left with out paying the bill and screwed me outdoors on a mountain or smth. Then, later, we could go to his abode and fool around with one of his roommates–whether it was a boy or a cutie would not matter. Maybe 2 or 3 boyz could pass me around! Wow, I am making myself moist! That would be a perfect lay.”

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