A Shot of Jenson

A Shot of Jenson

Let’s just acquire this with out the way right now: Alura Jenson is a freak. Seriously, this beauty loves to copulate, so if you aren’t ready to go unbending all day and night, you aren’t the gent for her. That babe needs a real guy. A man’s smooth operator. You know, a boy who can manhandle her. A fellow with a little hair on his chest.

“I love studs with chest hair,” Alura says. “I just love to play with it with my fingers after a valuable, long copulate. I’m too truly into three-ways. Some day I’d like to be the grandmaster of a mountainous orgy.”

We’d love to be a part of that, but for now, we’re contented with having Alura all to ourselves. We’d gladly take a hardly any Grey Goose body shots off her. The solely question would be whether to place the discharged glass betwixt her bigger in size than standard boobies or on her nifty gazoo. That is a really tough decision.

Thankfully, Alura is the sort of lady who isn’t afraid to take control if we’re feeling a bit indecisive.

“I’m a very confident lady,” she says. “Always have been. If I crave something, I just go for it, and what I wish includes banging, mouthing and getting licked by a lot of lads and angels.”

Said y’all she was a freak.

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