Amai’s Got Talent!

Amai's Got Talent!

This is kind of adore American Idol, but with banging and engulfing instead of boring songs sung by boring people. Sounds a lot more fine, right? We agree. No Simon. No Paula. No whatshisname or whatshername. Just some phony charmer who’s giving try-out for singers. Along comes 18-year-old Amai Liu. She thinks she’s got what it takes to be the next greater than standard pop star. This babe thinks this babe can sing, but it turns out her face hole is put to better use by taking a penis down it. And these vocal chords are more magnificant off moaning from sex than singing a tune. If u haven’t already figured it out, Amai Liu can not sing at all. But that babe still manages to pass her try-out!

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