The Juicy Set

The Luscious Set

After Amy’s wild bare-boobed ride on a jet ski in Miami, SCORELAND‘s juicy and wild day with Amy Anderssen continues, this time with Amy wearing a sheer white shirt in a swimming pool. Amy’s dream body is on display from many angles. This babe dips into the pool to play, and play Amy does with her hawt bawdy cleft and 34GGG pantoons. Amy has a lot of energy and that babe is outgoing and assertive. With positive waves love that, no surprise that this babe picked up jet skiing quickly her first time.

She’ll probably become a role adult model to other cuties. Does Amy have any role glamour models herself?

“I adore Kim Kardashian. She’s one of the reasons I went from blond to brunette hair. She’s the poster girl for that kind of look. She is one of my role glamour models. When I look for role models, I look for how they conduct themselves in public. She’s always well-dressed, well-behaved. I like her hair and makeup. I adore how this babe handles the cram. That babe by no means trash-talks people. Her demeanor, her professionalism are breathtaking. I think she is one of the best celebrities out there. People diss her all the time, but that is coz that babe is so admirable.”

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