Annie Swanson & Ana

Annie Swanson & Ana

In chapter two of Preeminent Annie Swanson, the employment agent sends Annie out for some other job. This one is managing a ladies clothing outlet.

There is no other big breasted angel more astounding suited to dressing and undressing other chicks than Annie–especially hawt pussycats love Ana. Annie was girlfriend material but this babe too liked hot angels such as Lilith and Autumn-Jade.

As pretty soon as Ana traipsed in the store, it was longing at first sight. They couldn’t keep their hands, lips and titties off every other. It is lucky that the store is not doing any business so Annie and Ana can have fun each other’s succulent cunts and erect areolas without any annoying customers getting in the way. Doc Johnson makes a guest appearance.

This is a smokin’ hot shopping session and a classic Voluptuous scene!

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