Busting Bad

Busting Bad

Lower the volume when u turn this movie scene on. Annellise Croft, a new adult model at SCORE, is a screamer. She is sexy, wild and a excited cougar with talent and skills at gratifying herself and her shag boyfriend.

“I love the idea of being a glamour model and having sex on-camera. It turns me on to know I’m being watched,” Annellise tells SCORE. Yet this babe has at not time modeled before. Not at all danced in a club. That is surprising with that body and her sex appeal. “I always wanted to try glamour modeling but not at any time had the chance until now. Thank you, SCORE Group.”

Annellise found SCORE throughout a ally of Bea Cummins. Fate, timing, call it what you will. “I’m an exhibitionist who completely likes to pose in front of a digital camera. But only for my friend. I have done a not many photographs, but not for a experienced photographer.”

Born in UK, she’s now a resident of the America and loving it. As the expression goes, Annellise too has “nipples that can cut glass.” They’re two of the pointiest, elongated teats you can discover.

“I’ve just come without a long-term relationship. There was not likewise much sex. I’m hoping to change that and acquire a lot more. Truthfully, I haven’t been out too much, but when I leave here, I plan to have a lot more sex cuz having sex in your studio made me feel adore I urge it a lot.”

Until this scene, Annellise hadn’t had sex in seven months! See how that babe spanks her clitoris fast, her hand moving at supersonic speed whilst the cock plunges into her vagina. Annellise sticks her long tongue out ready for nut-butter when this chap prepares to spray his sperm in her mouth. She swallows all the cum that doesn’t land on her love melons.

“I hope to be the next Bea,” says Annellise. Welcome aboard!

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