Gazoo fo’ Cash

Ass fo' Cash

Getting your money’s worth those days isn’t as effortless at it used to be. People rip you off, sell you cheap crap and have no clue about customer service. So if u crave your money’s worth, you’re intend to receive to hit the pavement and identify a deal. And lo and behold! U see Lana on the avenue slangin’ that fascinating, chubby butt and you think to yourself, ‘Now THIS is a deal!’ And u know what? She is. “I always give my paying customers the five-star treatment. That’s supposed to mean I am intend to engulf your wang, play with your balls, let you suck on these love melons, let you get a taste of this enjoyable muff and let u bawdy cleft on, taste on and cum on this obese arse. U get your money’s worth when I shag u, Baby. U might wanna even leave me a bulky tip, also.” Yep, we suggest giving her the bulky tip of your meat-thermometer!

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