Dancin’ Doll

Dancin' Doll

Here at Leg Sex, we like it when dancers come to our doorstep. And we were doubly thrilled when cover angel Aurora came by to unveil off her body, so taut and flexible and curvacious and smooth! We knew she’d be a hit with you dudes, so we had to discharge her right away. This beauty is dynamite. Still in the prime of her youth, she exudes confidence and sexuality. She’s got a jaw-dropping personality, too, with tons of energy. She’s been a cheerleader, a dance instructor, played softball and soccer. It goes on. With all that physical training, it is no wonder that babe is as limber as she’s. Can you imagine yourself on your knees looking up into that powerful cookie of hers, worshiping every inch of those perfectly sculpted stems? And it gets more fantastic. Aurora is a total freak. “I masturbate every night, usually just to turn on my partners, with a sex toy at the high-reaching setting. I say partners ‘cuz while I love males, I likewise indeed relish being with chicks. One of the hottest times was when I was at this party… I took this insanely hawt redhead to the bathroom and ate her out in the empty tub. Hearing her groan made me soak my knickers all the way!”

All of Aurora’s carnal tales were nothing short of dick-hardening. “My favourite position is definitely doggy-style. There’s nothing more captivating than having a stud that knows what he’s doing bonk me rock hard and fast from behind until I cum! I also love rogering in public. I even did it once on a park bench. Other things I enjoy include hair pulling, some light smacking, dirty talk, oh, and spanking!”

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