Exposed On The Stairs

Bare On The Stairs

“It’s important for a man to lavish me with attention and gifts if this guy expects me to ravish him with my feet and throat,” Ava Told. “I do not mind if a guy is into feet and legs. I find it to be erotic that a guy would want to worship me from the ground up. However, I think if a dude urges to worship me, that man has to be prepared to bring me offerings of his devotion. I love fresh shoes and hot raiment. Whatsoever he brings for me, I will admire it and then offer to wear it for him and let him take up with the tongue, smack and suckle me in the outfit he has chosen. Any opportunity that I acquire to suit up, I take it. I feel at my sexiest when I am wearing a tight and revealing outfit and high heels. It makes me feel strong; like I can do anything and anything. That confidence actually shines through, especially when I urge to entice a woman chaser. I know that men are very visual, so wearing a slinky, gracious clothing keeps a Lothario focused on my body and I love that. I like to be the center of attention.”

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