Big Booty Blast-off

Big Arse Blast-off

Welcome back, Cheetah! Who is this white boy?

“He is this wack white rapper named 1 Da Bred I did a movie scene with called White Bread, Darksome Jelly. This chab claims his album went double gold, but that Lothario just spray-painted some records. This woman chaser is a punk, but that charmer caught me on an especially randy day. That lady-killer saw me on the street in
these white, lace boyshorts that let my big ole gazoo hang out. He was into my a-hole and promised to make me cum with his mouth and his big white ding-dong, so I told yes. Why not?”

In the Dec. ’09 issue you told u were thinking about anal…

“[Laughs.] Yeah, but thinking about it and doing it are 2 different
things. So, no, I didn’t let this white dude receive this gazoo. But I did let him play with it for a little bit and it felt wonderful.”

So, did this lad hit it the right way, Cheetah?

“Well, let’s just say that I hit him the right way. [Laughs.] U know I can work this gazoo love a champion. I sat on his chubby, white pecker and I started making my butt jiggle. This chab loved it. That stud might think this woman chaser is a rapper, but I work this here onion adore a porno star. This ladies man won’t forget it.”

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