Big Cheeked Super Freak

Big Cheeked Super Freak

When I 1st met Aryana Adin, she was hanging out in sweatpants, a reservoir top and sneakers in our studio’s dressing room. She looked adore a actually laid-back, around-the-way kind of angel. Then we started talking and I knew that whilst that babe might be sweet and approachable love your typical girl-next-door, she’s everything but. U see, this California vixen not solely has a bangin’ body, but that babe also has a worthwhile head on her shoulders. She’s currently working on getting her degree and is very dedicated to her studies. So, does that make her a prudish bookworm? Absolutely not! ‘coz once Aryana started talking about sex, there was no stopping her. She’s a certified, 100% freak in the sheets. So, admirable gal manners, Ivy League brains, bangin’ body AND sex skills? Yes…we might just be in love with Aryana, likewise.

BootyLicious: Are you a carnal person? Is that why u came to porn?

Aryana Adin: Am I a sexual person? Hmm, I guess I can be. And I will be. And I like to be. So, u know…I’m nice.

BootyLicious: Ok, so u have been doing this for about Eighteen months. You just started doing anal and you came for the 1st time from it on digital camera, too. But what really gets you off? I mean, like, personally. What makes u cum the foremost, Aryana?

Aryana Adin: Umm, I adore lezbos. When I was younger, nothing would make me concupiscent adore watching lezbos. I’d see goddess on boy, 3somes, even solo, but no thing would make me as excited as lezbos. I love watching sistas go at it rigid. There’s no thing like two stylish darksome hotty’s doing a sexy lesbian scene.

BootyLicious: Okay, so it is just dark angels that acquire you off?

Aryana Adin: Yes, I like dark beauties. I mean, I’ve been with a white cutie previous to. They are joy. I do not think I have ever been with a Latina gal. Well, expect…have I ever been with a Latin chick angel…? [Laughs.] Hold on, I’m trying to think. [Laughs.] No, I haven’t. I mean, I’d adore to shag one, but I haven’t. I know what I love.

BootyLicious: You love hardcore dark-skinned lesbians, right?

Aryana Adin: [Laughs.] Yep, I do.

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