Bathing suit Bobbin’

Bikini Bobbin'

It is bobbin’ bra buddies bathing costume time for Michelle Bond in the hot Caribbean where a dip in a nifty pool isn’t sufficient to lower her body heat. Add baby oil and a dipstick and Michelle is worthwhile for the afternoon. Michelle has reached her 9th year of adult modeling, an achievement almost all gals do not accomplish. The archetypical time span for almost any adult models seems to be betwixt three and four years. Love many models, Michelle has worked in archetypal jobs, too, and continues to do so. “I worked in a hotel. I organized events, love weddings and conferences and things adore that. Meetings. I loved it because I am very bossy. I adore to organize things. I have lists for anything. I am a very organized person, so it was just my speed.” Those days, Michelle works for a demolition company. “I work in the office. Previous to we knock the buildings down, we’ve to make sure the gas, the water, the electricity and everything else is disconnected, so I organize that. And the permits and general office kind of stuff. It is phat. I savour it.” Since Michelle has been knocking us down for a lengthy time, it appears to be only fitting.

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