Swim costume Scientists

Bikini Scientists

It is always bathing costume season at SCORE and that is why we pursue the sun and bring the gals to it. In this photo discharge from October ’11 SCORE, the great Valory Irene does justice to her skimpy purple bathing costume made with out a high-tech fabric. Students of the science of bikiniology may call Valory‘s dress a micro-kini. Her ass-cheeks (buttage) are totally stripped, her P-zone is barely overspread and the knot keeping the halves of her slight top could give way at a moment’s notice. Truly, Valory‘s world-class cupcakes (boobage) threaten to spill out of her top; it’s a matter of when, not if. Leaning forward could do it. Would Valory wear this “body handkerchief” at the beach or at a pool? “It depends on what kind of beach it’s,” says Valory. “A impressive, quiet beach on a sunny island, yeah. A busy beach in Europe, perhaps not.” Later in the glamour photoshoot, Valory‘s bosomy bud Lana Ivans enters swimming pool side in her own yellow, teeny swim dress, exposing most of her wood-producing body. They join forces–birds of a feather again–and the check out blows away their tropical location.

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