Blond Ambition

Blonde Ambition

Hannah Claydon drives a pink Smart car. Babes do not acquire groovier and perkier than that. Unknown in the United States but a busy and very popular model in the U.K., Hannah appears in several British newspapers, calendars, catalogs and magazines plus TV commercials and she’s an actress in episodes for Dear Deidre, an “agony aunt” column similar but way sexier than America’s Dear Abby. Hannah is a brainiac as well as a body handsome, earning high marks in college previous to deciding to become a full-time adult model. (This babe began modeling at 16.) Higher education’s loss is modeling’s gain. “I gained straight A’s in my A-Levels, in Law, English Language, Sociology, and General Studies,” Hannah proudly notes on her MySpace page. “I too achieved an AS-Level in IT, and a Diploma in Text Production. I was a busy bee at high-school.” Love bubbles, body, looks and smarts. Hannah has it all.

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