A Consummate Cut Diamond

A Perfect Cut Diamond

They say that diamonds are a girl’s paramount friend, but Blu Diamond is the sort of thick honey a Ass Woman chaser urges to be his ally with benefits.

“I wear ass shorts each,” Blu said. “I solely wear outfits that are constricted, short and revealing.”

Whilst we do think Blu would look worthwhile in anything, we’re definitely not men who are plan to argue with a bad wench adore her about wearing revealing raiment. Especially not when she’s sluggishly teasing us by poppin’ her trunk and slipping off her animal print lingerie. Watching her do this makes the animal urge to come out of us…. smth that’s already in our nature when it comes to bad whores like this. Thankfully, Blu isn’t the type of hottie that will leave your balls blue.

“I have to bonk each single day,” Blu told. “Usually, I fuck about 2 or three times per day. I’m addicted to getting off. I am addicted to jock.”

This is why we call her a consummate diamond.

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