Sunny Cunny

Sunny Cunny

Have any of your neighbors noticed your bush?

“Only one that I know of. This old boy from across the street. That fellow once winked at me and told ‘Like what you got down there!'”

Bonnie loves to display off her bush underneath the sun! Angelic-faced Bonnie is generally a bashful goddess in her every single day life, but sometimes that babe loves to mix it up and be a little nasty. When we asked her how she’d like to pose for us this time, that babe told she’d always wanted to get in nature’s garb on her back porch. “I like to walk around in nature’s garb inside of my abode with the windows just a little open so people can enjoy my body if they wanna. This seems love the next step in that direction–showing a little skin outside!”

We do savour your shaggy seize, Bonnie, but you are too hot in general! “Thank u! I know we talked a lot about my bush in the Feb. ’12 issue, and I’m lascivious to be the unshaved cutie anew for this issue. I’ve learned to love my bush and my flat titties, too. I showed my final magazine appearance to a not many friends and they all told me how hot I’m. Now I just can’t expect until I start banging!”

How did it make you feel to know he’s been secretly watching you in nature’s garb in your house?

“I need to admit it was nice-looking hot finding that out. This chap winks at me every time I go out to receive the mail now, but it hasn’t gone any further than that. I love to imagine him jacking off by his window during the time that this chap watches me undress. Now that I know I have at least one fan, I try to stay bare more often. That is why I’m posing for 18eighteen. I like thinking about all the dudes cumming to my bush!”

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