Kelly Kay & Bozena: Knockin’ teats

Kelly Kay & Bozena: Knockin' nipples

I think Elliot perfectly captured what’s so unconventional about this scene when that stud originally wrote about it for “Bozena’s a porner who’s sucked off dozens of jocks and taken it up the booty many times. Kelly has yet to ever shag even one dude on digi camera and probably not at any time will.”

This babe not ever did.

Pairings adore this are uncommon, but they have happened, and they’ve always had great results. In 2002 in Costa del Sol, Spain, a plumped-up Kerry Marie, British good-girl-next-door, hooked up with Slovenian ass-fucked adult star Cassandra. The beauties used a double-ended sex toy on each other in Kerry Marie’s hottest scene by far.

In 2007, porn doxy Gianna Rossi completely ravaged demure Lorna Morgan’s body in Eleuthera, the Bahamas. In all honesty, I could not believe Lorna would do a scene with a porn star–this is a cutie who had not at all even used a dildo on-camera–but this babe did it, and the chemistry between Lorna and Gianna was startlingly electric.

The pairing of Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Veronika was not totally off the wall coz although Veronika had done tons of porn, Linsey had drilled one time on-camera. Still, LDM ran the risk of getting upstaged by a goddess who knew her way around a porn set, but she more than held her own…as well as the stud’s ding-dong. Linsey was not surprised by how successful this scene was. She’d asked to do the scene with Veronika.

So here’s Bozena and Kelly, shot in 2005. Kelly had come a long way in her posing. At the initiate, she didn’t even flaunt her cookie. And here, this babe is going cum-for-cum with a porn star. A very big breasted pornstar. I think Bozena is one of the almost all underrated big-bust porno stars ever.

But that is a discussion for another day. Here’s Kelly and Bozena.

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