Call of the Wazoo

Call of the Booty

Prepare for a major pont of time in Bri Love’s young life. Bri’s 1st analyzing!

Coyest of the shy. The almost all timid and almost all quiet goddess ever to visit XL Angels.

Bri Like had not at all modeled before this babe came to XL Girls. That babe has moved quickly for such a shy playgirl. From stripped modeling to masturbation to her 1st full-on hardcore and now to her first anal sexing. It is the Call of the Butt for this sweet, down-home hotty, so juvenile and tender. Sex will have sex. The more a beauty acquires, the more she wants.

Bri waits for her ass-fuck experienced Rocky to appear. He’ll be taking worthy care of Bri. Sitting on a couch, this babe rubs her muff in anticipation, her greater than standard breasts ready to spill with out her teddy. Rocky watches. This chab moves in and takes over, rubbing Bri’s love button and grab. Mouthing her nipps and squeezing her gals.

Rocky is the second porn skirt chaser in Bri’s life. Her virgin muff was taken by Tony. Rocky will take Bri’s virgin rectal hole. This babe has not at any time met chaps like ’em back home. First, Rocky have to prepare Bri. Educate her. This chab feeds her his bone and Bri is barmy to give him a sexy fellatio.

Widening out on the sofa, Bri squeezes her enormous hills together so Rocky can tit-fuck her. Tit-fucking was a new experience for her. Now she can practice more tit-fucking (and anything else about sex she’s learned) back home.

Bri’s velvety jugs are heated up by the friction of Rocky’s tit-sliding. Now it is time to heat up her pink honey-pie. This babe gasps when his sausage penetrates her cookie. Pretty soon it will be the right moment to go into her young arse and fuck it good.

Rocky enters Bri’s arse, building up from slow and simple to rock hard and fast. This smooth operator holdS her by the hair and whispers words of encouragement. Bri’s cries fill the room. The feeling of shlong screwing her booty is fresh to her. Bri gets louder and louder as her gazoo is screwed, each thrust punctuated by a screech. This babe looks to Rocky for guidance and assurance. Not to worry. Bri’s a-hole is in wonderful hands.

The Call of the A-hole is beefy. There’s a first time for anything. This was Bri’s 1st time.

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