Britney Young & Lola Hart Britney Young & Lola Hart
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It’s actually a sad day when a white woman chaser lies to a dark couple in the hopes of getting some action. Britney Youthful and her worthless partner are swingers looking for some play on the dark side of the city. Unfortunately, the flaccid loser over exaggerated about the size of his schlong and the dark-skinned gal from the other pair is not also glad about that. They now have 2 options: They can call it a night and leave without sowing their wild oats; or they can have the white boy sit out and get humilated for lying. The now "cuckold" acquires verbally cut down to size as Shane Diesel now acquires Lola Haert and Britney Juvenile all to himself. The white cuckold watches as one as well as the other darksome schlong strumpets take turns stuffing as much of Shane down their face holes as their gag reflexes will allow. The cuckold? Well, he’s just a walking, talking ATM machine and Shane and the ladies raid his wallet. Shane takes it slow as he slips his dark chimney inside Britney. Remember, Britney’s merely had flabby white rods rub against her love button; the transition to a weenie ( a functioning one, at that) is new territory for this stacked golden-haired. Lola feels her dark-skinned boyfriend’s meat stretching her pink flaps whilst Britney lectures her boyfriend-that’s now wearing a chastity device- about lying and his defects as a lady-killer. Britney jumps on Shane’s bigger in size than typical dark jock as that babe munches on Lola’s creamy darksome slit. Shane Diesel lays the pipe down on the one and the other harlots as the cuckold can only see, and , assumingly, curse the day this chab was born. The only thing left for Shane to do is drain his baby sauce on Britney’s colossal jugs. The cuckold’s duty? Just check out for yourself.

Britney Young & Lola Hart Britney Juvenile & Lola Hart

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