Backyard Meatballs

Backyard Boobies

Brittney, you’re so hot! Is that what you normally wear?

“Pretty much. I like wearing short shorts to display off my wazoo and a nice, tight shirt. Or if I’m going some place fancy, I’ll wear a little darksome costume. And knickers, always knickers! I’ve drawers full of lacey ones–pink, blue, red, purple, yellow, red! I like Them!”

Tell us a little about your sex life. What satisfies your vagina the most?

“I think I am having a admirable initiate to my sex life. I have sex just about daily if I can assist it. I’ve been with a dunky in number older fellows, and they definitely appear to be to be the finest at enchanting me. I like getting my neck kissed and having my whoppers and clitoris played with simultaneously. It acquires my cunny super succulent and then I am rearing to go! I also like when they play with my anus. Licking with tongue, fingering, fucking. Love it! I likewise love when studs watch me play with my pussy. Being observed makes me super sexually excited. I think that’s why I’m here!”

Are you a fan of mouthing strapon? Spit or drink?

“I haven’t really gotten my face hole around too many yet, but I like seeing how lascivious a lad receives when I’m engulfing him off. Previous to, I would not even let a stud goo near my face, but now I actually receive why some cuties love facial cumshots and swallowing. It is just so hot!”

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