Smells Adore Candy

Smells Love Candy

Candace shared an interesting tidbit with us during the time that in our studio. This babe thought we were going to chuckle or judge her. In reality, we thought it was hawt! “Ever since I can remember I loved the smell and smack of my own body: my cookie, my hair and even my feet. I started licking my own toes, and I’d have licked my twat if I could have. Then about a year agone I had a three-way with my best ally and a lad. It was the first time I went down on another cutie. I realized it was just as excellent as I thought it might be. I even licked her feet!”

Now Candace can’t receive enough of girls or feet. “I’ve hooked up with all my girlfriends. Likewise, every time I’m with a lad there is lots of foot-foreplay. We go back and forth teasing each other’s arches and heels with kisses. I adore when licks begin at my heel and work upwards.”

One thing Candace has at no time skilled is a boy cumming on her feet. “I’ve thought about it, but the boyz I’m with appear to be to detect it odd. When I am giving a oral stimulation I’ll just gulp, but I’m really thinking about how it would feel if those hawt spurts of sex cream were falling on the wrinkles on my soles. I wanna rub my feet jointly, or up my calves and hips, rubbing the warm cum into my skin and betwixt my toes. I’m starting to acquire succulent just thinking about doing it!”

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