U Can Always Take up with the tongue it

You Can Always Lick it

Candace, u said us years ago that your wazoo was off limitations, right?

“Yes, I did, and it is still off limitations. But that doesn’t mean that I do not crave it played with a little! [Laughs.] I’ve a newfound appreciation for wazoo play. I at not time knew that so many lads were into pleasing gazoo, but I am glad that I identified out because I love sitting on a man’s face and taking a ride on his soaked tongue!”

You adore it when they toss that salad?

“Yes! But only if I can plant my buttocks on his face. It is fucking sexy and empowering to tell a guy to eat your arse out and then smother his face with your butt. It’s naughty and lewd. I’ll ride a man’s face and play with my adore button until I cum. And when I cum, I grind my ass on his tongue and I screech, ‘Taste all that brown sugar, baby!'”

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