Candy Can

Candy Can

Welcome back to BootyLicious, Kandee. We haven’t seen u since the May ’09 issue.

“Yeah, I took some time off from adult modeling to go back to school and receive my nursing degree. Then I got a job at a hospital and it was actually terrible! I did not relish dealing with sick folks, so I decided to come back to exposed modeling because it is so much fun.”

That is too bad. We bet you looked sexy in your uniform!

“[Laughs.] Well, we wore scrubs and they don’t actually expose off your shape, but I did acquire hit on by tons of the male nurses and doctors because my ass looked so fat in those clingy trousers.”

Did you play doctor while u were on the clock?

“Let’s just say that there are lots of things that go down in hospitals that have no thing to do with healing. Well, maybe sexual healing! [Laughs.] I guess it’s ‘coz all the people on the employees are stressed out. People have to cum and chill out. I got busy a hardly any times in the parking lot during my lunch 60 minutes. Scrubs are effortless to take off and on!”

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