Motel Booty

Motel Wazoo

Motel Booty

“Some males ask me what it takes to acquire me off, and I let ’em know that it is real effortless. I just need a big jock and a lad that can go all night lengthy!” says 18-year-old Leenuh. “I’m a young angel, but I know what I love. What I don’t have in experience, I make up for with my energy and willingness to try recent things all the time. And I am charming cute, also, right? I mean, take a view this bigger than run of the mill ole’ ass. I have been said I’ve a worthwhile wazoo for a white girl. What do you think? I just learned how to make my wazoo cheeks clap, and I love to make ’em clap on a rod when I am on top. Do u crave me to reveal you, adore I showed this gent? He could not acquire sufficient of my lovely bawdy cleft and I loved getting nailed by his big, darksome meat-thermometer!”

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Brains & Butt

Brains & Arse

Brains & Butt

Lads, meet Marie. She’s cute, smart and wanton. “I graduated high-school in the top 25% of my class,” that babe said us. “I indeed enjoyed high-school. I competed on a cheer squad with all of my best allies. We were actually tight. I even screwed a couple of the gals. I have had two trios, likewise. Certainly it was with two beauties. I suppose I’d be overwhelmed by taking 2 rods at the same time!

“My favorite part of my body is my booty. Boyz are fixated with it. They can’t live without smacking my ass and watching it jiggle. They even love licking with tongue it! And I know that it’s weird, but I like when a boy cums on my cheeks and rubs it in with his meat-thermometer. It’s obscene!

“I’m currently studying to receive my B.A. in business management. I like my classes. I’ve got some truly hot professors, likewise. I just love maturer dudes.”

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Tag Teamed & back again

Tag Teamed & back some other time

Tag Teamed & back again

Our lads Tony and Sergio are tag-teaming whootie-girl Klaudia Kelly‘s a-hole all night, and you’re invited to view. If you are a fan of 34-27-44 lady physiques, you’re intend to adore watching Klaudia’s ass cheeks shake as the movie starts. This babe is on all fours, presenting her good body for your enjoyment. As her cheeks jiggle and quake, that babe bows backwards and gives herself a hard spank. This babe is biting and tongueing her lips, engulfing some beautiful smutty shit to the digi camera. Then you realize that she’s not just putting on a brandish for you, there are a couple of other boys in the room. That is how you know shit is about to go down. Soon, this babe is begging to choke on one dong while the other is rogering her taut snatch.

“I crave one in my booty, likewise!” this babe implores. Luckily, these boys are into that type of thing.

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Big Cuban Ass

Bigger than standard Cuban A-hole

Big Cuban Ass

Down here in Miami, the Cubans have a phrase: Culo Grande. It means “big a-hole.” Gentlemen, Samantha Bell definitely has a culo grande.

In this scene, Samantha wishes to play with some balls. That babe shakes her wazoo up to a pool table where Rocky is already shooting a game. This chab suggests her the cue. Then he offers her a lesson in how to hold the stick. Then pulls her panty betwixt her bigger than run of the mill ass cheeks and slams 3 fingers into her pink slit. As she grabs his ramrod, this babe is shaking her jelly-ass and making it ripple. Soon sufficient, Rocky has his cock buried in her cookie, making her cappuccino-colored arse quake with every thrust.

Rocky was in such a hurry to receive in of Samantha, that chap didn’t even trouble taking off her pink panty until halfway throughout their epic orgy. When this babe does lastly lose them, it’s only so that she doesn’t acquire any sexy cum on ’em.

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Sweet Melody

Sweet Melody

Sweet Melody

We don’t receive also many British hotties here at BootyLicious, which is what makes our beauty Melody Posh such a enchanting treat. Melody is getting some home improvement done right now, giving her room a spankin’ new paint job with her nifty wazoo dangling out of some diminutive jean shorts. With an butt like hers, we’d paint the room–and town–red, white, dark-skinned, blue or any other color this babe craves if that is what it takes to smash.

“Do u love my outfit?” that babe asks in her ravishing British accent. “You look very distracted today. I know you did not come here just to check out me paint.”

She is right. And she knows what we crave to do to her right now, likewise.

“I can watch it in your eyes,” this babe says. “You want to fuck me.”

Melody tanalizes us with her thick ‘donk by getting down on her knees and poppin’ her gazoo during the time that that babe plays with her tight little pussy. Then, this babe pulls out her beloved toy to get herself off.

This is just a warm up for Melody, though. A babe this bad eventually needs an ass-man to take care of her. And we’d like to make attractive, bangin’ music with Melody all day and night.

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Lareina’s Bootyology

Lareina’s Bootyology

Lareina's Bootyology

Lareina is the type of honey bunny that gets your blood flowin’. All that blood is flowin’ to our schlongs cause this floozy has an booty that just doesn’t quit. She’s got the type of a-hole it takes a firm couple of hands to handle. Our boy Juan Largo’s got an gazoo addiction, and the firm couple of hands a thick Cali honey love Lareina needs.

Juan is an ass worshipper, and that ladies man spends a little minute admiring the junk in her trunk, in advance of this fellow receives down to business.

“Damn, look at that butt shake,” he says. “Where’d u acquire all that from.”

“Genetics,” Lareina says.

We’re usually more interested in gettin’ in a thick chick’s jeans than her genes, but we know you’d get an A in biology if u could make your concentration Bootyology.

Lesson number one would include widening oil all over Lareina’s nifty booty to acquire her warmed up.

Lesson number 2 is gettin’ that bad wench on her knees to engulf your stiff meat.

Lesson number three is when things get interesting. That is when u lay this vixen down and pound her love Juan does here. With your weenie sliding in and out of her bawdy cleft and that wazoo bouncin’ off your pelvis, you’ll be an talented in Bootyology just like our lad Juan.

And with a beauty like Lareina, you don’t pass this class unless u drop a load of hot cum all over her butt.

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