Brooklyn Springvalley: Mega-busty Bombshell’s Really Big Show

Brooklyn Springvalley: Mega-busty Bombshell’s Really Big Show

Brooklyn Springvalley: Mega-busty Bombshell's Really Big Show

Brooklyn Springvalley is wearing a bikini and shorts when she walks up the stairs to the bedroom. There are several monokinis on the bed that she is going to try on.

As Brooklyn puts on each one and checks out how it looks on her superstacked body and megaboobs, she gives her opinion about it. Which one would she wear to the beach?

As you know, someone is always hiding a sex toy behind our model’s pillow, and this time, it’s a dick-shaped dildo that Brooklyn sucks and plugs herself with after she puts on the last monokini.

SCORELAND: So, Brooklyn, are any big-bust models, present or past, an inspiration to you?

Brooklyn: Past: Tiffany Towers, Pandora Peaks, Angelique Dos Santos. Present: Heather Harmon, Ariane Saint-Amour, Juliette Michele, Anastasiya Berthier.

SCORELAND: Do you drive? Do seat belts fit you comfortably?

Brooklyn: I drive, and I use an additional buckle I picked up on Amazon to keep the belt in the right place. Otherwise, it tries to slide up and strangle me.

SCORELAND: If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?

Brooklyn: Superpowers, boobs I can change the size of at will and for dogs to have human lifespans.

SCORELAND: Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or naked?

Brooklyn: Sometimes I’ll cook or watch TV in nothing but pasties and underwear. But only if it’s warm enough.

SCORELAND: Do you find yourself touching your boobs without thinking about it?

Brooklyn: All the time. I pat them and squeeze them.

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Bra buster’s submission

Bra buster’s submission

Bra buster's submission

Emma is a short and busty beauty who sent us her photos to show off for her husband. They’re a very open, sex-oriented couple. “One time, we had a party and invited over a bunch of friends and some local swingers. It obviously turned into a big orgy. It was crazy kinky having sex with multiple people multiple times.”

Emma is originally from New Jersey, but she and her guy live in Florida now. She’s 5′ tall, wears a 34DDD-cup bra and loves sucking dick and playing with cum. “My dream is to take part in a bukkake. I love the feeling of cum all over my body, especially on my tits.”

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Stassi Rossi: The Tighter, The Better

Stassi Rossi: The Tighter, The Better

Stassi Rossi: The Tighter, The Better

“I love fashion, home decorating, party planning and dancing,” said Stassi Rossi, blonde sweater-buster, who is putting on her own private fashion show at SCORELAND. Tight means right for Ms. Rossi, love goddess. Tight bras, tops, dresses, ass-clinging short skirts.

“I love music and I would love to DJ again. I love music with a lot of bass. My G-spot instantly syncs up with the rhythm.” If anyone knows all about that bass, Stassi is the one, if you get what we mean.

“I always dress super-sexy. I pretty much live out all of my sexual fantasies. It is my birthright to be pleasured and worshiped. I cum three or more times a day. I pleasure myself three-plus times a day. I love the world to see and share every sexual experience I have.”

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Scarlit Scandal & Adira Allure

Scarlit Scandal & Adira Allure Scarlit Scandal & Adira Allure
Scarlit Scandal & Adira Allure @
A student approaches a young teacher about helping her with a class she is failing. Poor little Scarlit really doesn’t have much of a chance as it is late in the year and she is failing. Realizing that Adira is a new recently certified teacher at the school, Scarlit decides to make a move on her. After all, Scarlit is eighteen years old and does not want to be a loser high school drop out. Time to take a risk. Moving in on the sexy unsuspecting Adira, Scarlit starts kissing her and overcome with passion Adira reciprocates. Hot and heavy lesbian action takes place right there in the classroom on the desk and soon the young teacher is squirting all over the place. It is a wet sticky mess as both pussies are overheated and their swollen clits are cumming all over the place.
Scarlit Scandal & Adira Allure Scarlit Scandal & Adira Allure

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Nicol Mandorla returns for more!

Nicol Mandorla returns for more!

Nicol Mandorla returns for more!

It’s always nice to watch a woman mature. The first time we featured wife, mother and grandmother Nicol Mandorla, in 2016, she was a 57-year-old first-timer who told us, “I am not a person who is usually an extrovert. I am usually very conservative. I am not a swinger and I am not a nudist. I know some people who are very wild sexually, but I am not one of them and this would surprise them.”

Nicol, a real-life nurse from the Czech Republic, fucked twice for We thought that would be the last we’d see of her. It’s often the case that our women come here to satisfy a sexual fantasy or their curiosity and never do it again. They go back to their regular lives, enjoying their sexy secret.

But then, a few months ago, we received an email from a photographer who asked us if we wanted to shoot a very attractive 60something. He sent along some test shots, and we liked what we saw. In all honesty, at first, we didn’t realize the pictures were of Nicol. But they were, and here she is, more than four years later, making her cumback, this time at Her tits are bigger. Her pussy is hairier. She’s older and better.

Today, Nicol is going to strip out of a sheer lingerie nightgown, take a shower and fuck her pussy with a dildo on the shower floor. And Thursday, she’s going to fuck a stud who’s almost young enough to be her grandson. It’s great to have her back.

“It is a lot of fun to be able to do something like this,” she said. “Most women at my age cannot.”

Nicol says she has sex “as often as I can.” With her looks, she can have sex whenever she wants. Fucking gets her off. That’s all it takes. She once had sex with her husband in a parking lot in the middle of the day as people walked by. That was her only experience with public exhibitionism…unless you count this. Which we do. This is very public. And Nicol likes that.

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Kim Velez Knows What Guys Like

Kim Velez Knows What Guys Like

Kim Velez Knows What Guys Like

Kim Velez is looking sensational, but Kim always looks sensational. She knows what guys love to see. She knows what guys love to watch her do on-camera.

Kim’s tits are bigger and heavier now since her SCORELAND debut. The booty twerking and tit shaking in this scene are beyond incredible. Imagine those melons bouncing and swinging in your face. You’d be so boob drunk your head would spin.

SCORELAND: So, Kim, would you date someone much older than you?

Kim: Yes, it’s definitely a possibility.

SCORELAND: Do you have funny habits?

Kim: No, nothing I can think of.

SCORELAND: What superpower would you like to have for a day?

Kim: Invisibility, so I don’t have to wear clothes and feel ashamed to be naked.

SCORELAND: Never be ashamed to be naked, Kim.

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