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featuring Amber Jayne.

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Jun 18, 2021


Amber Jayne has stepped into the shower wearing white sheer lingerie, and the results are stunning. This bigtit mama’s hands are everywhere as she reveals her slippery skin of her clothes. Once she’s naked, it’s only natural to grab her biggest dildo and use it to masturbate before sucking it clean of her pussy juices.

Fiona’s first porno

Fiona’s first porno

Fiona's first porno

In her first porn scene, 61-year-old Fiona Candie from Texas sucks and fucks a guy who’s young enough to be her son (the age difference is almost 30 years). He comes to her place to workout, but she has a different kind of working out in mind. Before long, she has his cock in her mouth and pussy and they’re working up a sweat.

60Plus MILFs: Describe your perfect day or evening.

Fiona: Mild weather, gathering outdoors with friends, sharing wine, cooking something healthy on the grill, talking and laughing and telling naughty stories.

60Plus MILFs: Do you normally wear panties?

Fiona: Never.

60Plus MILFs: How does a man attract your attention?

Fiona: Eye contact, a warm smile, not hesitating to let his attraction to me show and a lot of confidence.

60Plus MILFs: Do you masturbate?

Fiona: Of course! It’s true that women reach their sexual peak later. I have some wonderful toys and am easily aroused. I orgasm quickly and over and over. Sometimes I just can’t stop!

60Plus MILFs: Before today, had you ever had sex with a much-younger man?

Fiona: Yes! It sounds like a story line, but it was a handyman mounting a TV for me. He was half my age and only a year older than my youngest son. The TV wasn’t all he mounted!

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Fuck me here and here!

Fuck me here and here!

Fuck me here and here!

Today, in photos that have never appeared anywhere (other than a single shot in 40Something magazine #251), Bea Cummins is wearing a blue, low-cut top that accentuates her breasts and a pair of short shorts. Most 69-year-old women wouldn’t dare wear something like this, but Bea is no ordinary woman. She does something else most women her age dare not do: strip naked to show off her big tits and spread her pussy and ass wide as if to say, “Fuck me here and here.”

Things Bea has done for us on-camera:

1. Fuck studs young enough to be her son, even her grandson.

2. A cuckold scene in which she got fucked from behind while sucking her husband’s cock.

3. A three-way with 60Plus MILF Jewel.

4. Gotten fucked by two hung studs.

5. Had two guys take turns on her ass for her 70th birthday.

6. Ass-to-mouth.

That’s an impressive resume. It’s the reason this is Bea Cummins Month at

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Anilos - Back At It

AnilosBack At It

featuring Amber Jayne.

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Jun 16, 2021


European mom Amber Jayne was so well-loved that we knew she had to come back for more sexy fun. She’s just stunning, with puffy lips, enhanced boobs, and a dripping pussy that is made to be fucked. Let her show off all her lovely goods as she shucks her clothes and explores her curves. – Taking It Off added to

Anilos - Taking It Off

AnilosTaking It Off

featuring Sweet Ammy.

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Jun 15, 2021


A tight leotard shows off all of Sweet Ammy’s delightful curves. This milf is ever so ready to get it on, whether she has a helping hand or not! Her bald snatch is the first thing she decides to play with, but eventually she moves up to give her all naturals and hard nipples some loving, too. – Ready To Go added to

Anilos - Ready To Go

AnilosReady To Go

featuring Sweet Ammy.

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Jun 13, 2021


Sweet Ammy is always down to fuck, and she definitely dresses the part. This all natural stunner has incredible blonde hair, puffy lips, and a body that matches the promise of what she flaunts on the streets. If you ask nicely, she’ll get naked and put her meaty cunt on display for you.