Catt’s Nips

Catt's Nips

Catt Green is the unsurpassable dream girl-next-door. In those images, Catt is in the supreme girl-next-door setting, a bedroom, just being herself. Catt, who’s from North Carolina, strolled into our studio as a whole amateur looking to try smth recent, something the other angels in the neighborhood weren’t doing. In high-school, this babe was a cheerleader, and if the thought of her G-cup naturals bouncing all over the place while the home team drives for a touchdown doesn’t drive u nuts, then you are from a different planet than we’re from. The story about how Catt detected us goes love this: “My friend’s a SCORE reader,” this babe told. “He has a massive stack of SCORE, and whenever we went to his abode, we looked at his big breasted magazines. He told to me, ‘I think we should send in some pix of you.’ I told, ‘Sure, but I don’t think they’ll call me back.’ So we sent ’em in, and I got an email from the studio two hours later.” Hey, we might be amorous, but we’re not blind or inexperienced. As for Catt, we’ve viewed her solo, we’ve viewed her tit-fucking and tugging schlongs, and she is still solely 19. We’re looking to see how her career–ahem–develops.

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