Caught in the action

Caught in the act

A little birdie said us u had an atypical phone sex incident.
“Unusual, but breathtaking! I was on the phone with some lad I was casually courting. The conversation got hot so I started to play with myself, and I thought he was, likewise. Turns out the entire time I was masturbating he was driving to my abode to fuck me. This chab got there right as I was about to cum, also.”

That sounds love flawless timing and an wondrous phone sexperience. We imagine the sex that followed had to be excellent. Was it, Jessie?
“It was great, especially since I was already warmed up from fingering myself. During the time that this smooth operator was driving to my house unbeknownst to me, this petticoat chaser was telling me all the dirty things he wanted to do to me, love put me on all fours and eat my booty and bawdy cleft doggy style. And this chab said he wanted to bite my neck and slap my gazoo while this chab screwed me doggie-style, and make me cum as many times as possible.So imagine how happy I was when I found him knocking at my bedroom window!”

Did this chab or anyone else ever try to do that one time more?
“No, but I prefer it that way. What made that experience so sexy was the surprise of it. It is not something you can do very often ‘cuz then it loses something. I am happy it happened, but it is adore one of these things you can only do once.”

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