Mammoth Cougar Can

Colossal Cougar Can

1st, we wanna say that you are one hawt MILF! Tell us about yourself, Bella.

“Well, thank you. I love to take care of myself. Well, I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and something about that recent air and tropical life makes babes look better in their 40’s, I guess. I live in Miami now and make my living as a photographer. I adore working out, riding my bike around city and sometimes, when I am sexually excited…I love to have wild sex with dudes and vixens.”

What makes for “wild” sex, Bella? We adore concupiscent details!

“Well, when I was younger, I liked to just acquire str8 to the sex and skip all the other ram, but now, since I’m maturer, I adore the buildup. And I am not just talking about foreplay, but that is important, also. The build-up, at least for me, is the anticipation of knowing that u are intend to fuck someone and holding out until the final possible pont of time.”

What kinds of things make the build-up to sex worthwhile for you?

“Well, if I watch a stud I’m interested in, I adore to flirt, of course. But it’s plenty of little things. Adore, maybe going out for drinks at a crowded bar and then leaning over and telling him that I am not wearing any straps and then spreading my legs wide and giving him a glimpse. I too adore to fool around in public places where we can acquire hot, but solely to a certain point. It’s that restraint that makes the actual sex so
much more pretty for me.”

Okay, so let us say all of that anticipation has come to a head and now it is time for the main event…what gets you off, Bella?

“I adore bigger in size than run of the mill, powerful studs who can manhandle me. I like when boyz take control. I want to be pushed up against a wall and have my suit lifted and my panties torn off. I like the idea of being unable to resist. I need a buck who is going to put his whole face hole on my muff and eat it adore he’s starving. He can lick my anal opening, too. I love that. I adore to talk filthy and often scratch or bite when I am cumming. If I’m on top, I like to lean down and bite a man’s shoulders. If he is screwing me doggy position, then I love to bury my face in the pillows and shriek!”

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