Creamy Caboose

Creamy Caboose

BootyLicious: Welcome to BootyLicious mag, Paris. We are cheerful to have u here ‘cuz we hear that it is your first time in Miami and your first time shooting hardcore. We adore first-timers. Tell us, do you like Miami and are u nervous about shooting XXX?

Paris Sweetz: Howdy! Yes, it’s my 1st time in Miami and I like it here. It’s so beautiful and the people are so fine. And I am a little nervous about shooting, but I am somewhat of an exhibitionist, so I’m more sexually excited than nervous, I guess. I can’t await to see what my images look love. I truly love dressing up and getting my makeup done. This complete experience is wondrous and u boys have made me feel indeed comfortable and at home. So, thank’s for having me here. I’m savouring myself.

BootyLicious: What do you wear when u are out and about? We are sure it’s very distracting to all the bucks who cross your path.

Paris Sweetz: Um, when I go out, I love to wear little dresses and shorts ‘cuz I love to show off my butt and my legs. And I adore to wear heels ‘coz I love the way that they make my arse look. When I go out, I dress to acquire attention. I’ve a valuable body. I like to expose it off. But, I like to hang out at home in sweat trousers and a tank top, actually. Most gals are the almost all comfortable at home, no make-up on, with some comfortable sweat pants on, right? That’s how I love to dress. I even go to the grocery store and run errands like that.

BootyLicious: Ok, so tell us one of your kinkiest, secret sex thoughts.

Paris Sweetz: Well, I have this one fetish. It’s a little strange, but it makes me actually horny. I wanna be licked. Not, just my vagina. I urge my whole body licked. I’ve this fantasy where I receive turned into a king-size sundae and then a lady-killer licks me clean.

BootyLicious: Well, we have not at all heard that one previous to.

Paris Sweetz: [Laughs.] I know it’s kind of atypical and perverted, but it makes me wanton to think about a lad touching with tongue me from head to toe. I too wish to have sex on the beach. I like to have sex outdoors and sometimes in public places. The idea of not quite getting caught kind of turns me on, too.

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