Cum The Goddess

Cum The Angel

Goddess Gee likes to cum by hand, by toy, by tongue, by schlong. And sometimes a mix of ’em all. “I love to be licked and sticked at the same time,” Hotty told. “That’s hotter than hell! We can use a toy and then lick me after. Or just shag me and then take up with the tongue me, or smth love that. That’s the unsurpassable. I am a toy fanatic. I’ve many different sex toys at home, and they’re all baby pink.” U know by now that Goddess doesn’t love to wear lots of clothing and that is why we adore her. Well, one of the reasons. “I love to be naked. If I am just walking around the abode, if I am not exposed, I’m wearing smth skimpy, like little booty shorts and a little, taut top. I love heels! I think I was born in them. I am a very sexual person. When I met the other cuties at SCORE, I felt right at home ‘cuz I was used to the raunchy energy in the air at the exotic dancing clubs I have danced in.”

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