Cunny Canal

Cunny Canal

We just can not get enough of you, Isabella. We last saw u screw in Flat & Rogered 4. What have u been up to since?
“Well, honestly I’ve been trying to be more sexually adventurous. I know that might seem love a atypical thing for me to say considering that I’ve been in a porno before. But even people who’ve been in porn can get into a routine when it comes to sex. So recently I have been trying new things. I bought some new hot underclothes and lingerie to wear during sex. I went to a swinging married couples lap dancing club. That was potty! I had a three-way. That was a lot of pleasure. I have been having lots of sex in
nature, and I guess that is my prefered part of all this experimenting that I have been doing, as simple as it is. The other day I rogered this lad by a canal and it was sooo valuable! We were just dangling out and one thing led to some other, and yeah…we drilled!”

Were there people around?
“Yes! On the other side of the canal there was a bigger in size than typical party going on outside on these people’s deck. And two houses down from where we were there were people out on their patio. And if anyone inside the houses around us bothered to
look out their window they completely would’ve seen us.”

So tell us how this waterfront screwing adventure went down. U know our sexually excited readers wanna know each ribald, little detail.
“Well, like I said, we were just hanging out. And I don’t know, I felt lustful with out nowhere. So I started playing with his rod and giving a kiss him till he got rock hard. Then I blew him there in the grass with the ducks watching us. Each now and then we’d look around to make sure no one was watching us. Then we started making out while he fondelled my bawdy cleft. We went over to this tree that was nearby and I pulled down my trousers and we started banging. We were sooo out in the open; I don’t know how no one saw us! I had a worthwhile, larger than standard big O when this chab sitting down next to the tree and I sat on his lap and rode his pecker side-saddle while that buck rubbed my clit.”

Admirable! And where did this chab end up cumming?
“In my face hole of course. I got down on my knees and sucked him off and played with his nuts until this chab came. I loved tasting my snatch juices on his ramrod. It was such a hawt experience. The solely bad part, which wasn’t indeed that bad, was that I got a mosquito bite on my ass. A minor price to pay for such a great time!”

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