Curvy Gal

Curvy Cutie

Do u have any dreams u wanna try out?
“Yes. I would really adore to try a trio with some other angel and a lad. I crave to watch what it is adore to eat a cum-hole and get rogered at the same time. I masturbate to the idea a lot.”

Would u ever try a three-some with two fellows?
“I dunno. Maybe. That sounds kind of intimidating though. I don’t know
if I could handle all that jock. I’d definitely check out a gal with two guys. And
I’d probably join in as lengthy as the other cutie was there. I feel like there would be also much pressure on me with 2 cocks. A three-way with 2 dudes is probably something I’ll try when I’m like, a 35-year-old MILF and more talented with sex.”

So tell us what else is involved in your dream threesome.
“Both of the other people have to be indeed hot, and I need to vibe with them. Ideally me and the goddess kiss and engulf each other’s mammaries during the time that the guy watches and begins wanking. Then we take turns sucking his schlong. I would really adore it if the goddess licked my clit while the charmer banged me. And I urge to try a daisy chain where I’m eating the girl’s cum-hole, she is sucking his pecker and he is eating my wet crack.”

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