Deflowered Darling

Deflowered Darling

So what do u like when it comes to sex, Liza?

“I like it when the dude goes down on me. It feels the utmost when that lady-killer licks my clit gently and fingers me at the same time. Getting my arsehole likewise feels precious and tickles. So far I’ve solely had orgasms by being on top and from lying on my side with the boy caressing my adore button as he shags me. Doggie is good but I haven’t cum from it yet.”

How does sex compare to masturbating?

“I know how to give myself more orgasms when I masturbate, but sex is more fun and gratifying. And I’m much more lustful when I am fooling around with a skirt chaser. They the one and the other have their admirable aspects to ’em, but I would rather have sex.”

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