Does your dad know what you are doing?

Does your daddy know what you're doing?

Jordan, a 5’8″, 128-pound, blue-eyed blonde from Kansas has a story.

“My parents have been swingers for a long-time,” the 21-year-old looker
explains. “I wanted to do Playboy, so I figured, Why not try porn?”

That makes no sense at all. Playboy isn’t porn. But the Loser doesn’t pick
up on that. Or maybe this chab does and, for a change, comes to a completion to be smart and say
no thing. But then this fellow makes his usual mistake: This buck asks her what would happen
if her father found out.

Mercifully, the pre-fuck interview finally ends, and Jordan receives down on her knees and engulf the Loser’s jock, and, as ordinary, that Lothario takes forever to receive it up but lastly does. The digi camera work in this scene is normal Loser-¬≠off-the-set shots, views of his legs when we wanna watch her twat, shots of his wazoo when he’s fucking her missionary-but you know what they say: You gotta take the bad with the worthy.

The bad: Loser.

The very good: Jordan. Her alluring mangos jiggle and jiggle while he bonks
her in the missionary position, and this watch alone is sufficient to make us
wanna forgive the Loser all of his flaws.

Bottom line: Jordan cums. Loser cums. And so do we.

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