Immodest Face hole

Dirty Mouth

She’s got the traffic-stopping fullsome funbags, body and face and she’s got the indecent mouth. So innocent-looking and yet when she’s playing on-camera, a stream of dirty jack talk pours out of her throat. This is Dolly Delight.

A two-time covergirl (Holiday ’11 and June ’13 SCORE), Dolly calls herself a bawdy doxy when this babe masturbates and that babe masturbates a lot. “I like to be viewed. That turns me on. When I am doing solo videos I really do cum in ’em ‘coz being filmed playing with myself truly receives me sexy.”

Dolly is old-fashioned in many ways. This babe won’t be burning her undergarment at any rallies anytime in a short time. “I adore to be chased by a chap and made to feel very craved. I like to be the girly-girl and I think a female likes to be treated as princess. I like a powerful boy who can protect me and make me feel safe and likewise throw me around the bedroom.”

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