Jugs of The Milk Maid

Jugs of The Milk Maid

Here’s a real-life fantasy gal in a dream setting. Emilia Boshe as a dairy maid at a farm. The thonging blond enters the barn area swinging her jugs, stopping to savour her big, full milk sacks and bawdy cleft. Farm livin’ is the life.

“I truly do not have any fetishes,” admits Emilia, a straightforward woman. “But I’ve had fantasies of plan to a swinging married couples exotic dancing club. I’ve not done this.”

Emilia knows what kind of men she wishes to spend time with.

“I like a boy who is bewitching and knows how to treat sweethearts. I dont urge to speak to lads who are rude and impatient. And what I like to view when I see a guy is his worthy, round ass.”

Jeannot64 one time wrote about Emilia, “I’ve always thought that matriarchy is far and away the foremost form of government. If large pointer sisters ruled the world it would be a more valuable place to live. And I daresay there’ll be merely a queen for our matriarchy: Emilia the blond Valkyrie should rule the world!”

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