Exhibitionist in Ebon

Exhibitionist in Ebony

“When you spend almost all of your days in fancy high-rises like I do, u receive bored very quickly.” said Lana. “My paramour is a businessman who barely has any time for me during the day. I go shopping and buy fancy underware and shoes to wear for him at night, but my days have become very mundane. That is, until I realized that my neighbor’s a perv. I caught him staring at me throughout the blinds one day while I was out on the balcony getting a tan. I was rubbing oil on my legs and I looked up and there he was, jacking off in the window, watching me. At 1st I was shocked, but this chab was kind of cute and I enjoyed how turned on that dude was by the sight of my legs. I oiled ’em up and showed him my feet and he nodded in approval. I poured oil all over my toes and started massaging my soles. When I looked up, this buck was cumming! There was a box on my balcony the next day and in it, a pair of dark, silk nylons love those with a note that read, “Thank you. Wear those.” So I put ’em on and when I came out, this chab was there, watching afresh. Now, it’s our every single day ritual. I suit up, that woman chaser cums for me. It’s thrilling and perverted pleasure.”

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