Shy Goddess

Coy Cutie

U make very sexy faces. Do u ever get called a flirt or a tease?
“Sometimes, but not often. Sometimes bucks think I’m giving ’em some kind of signal, but this is just my face! I guess I have a way of looking at people that’s kind of sexy and flirtatious. That is because sex is almost always on my mind. But it doesn’t necessarily mean I wanna fuck ’em. And even if I wanna screw, I am a little submissive when it comes to making a move on a boy.”

So you prefer the lads to make the move on you?
“I think all beauties do. Even if a girl is assured and aggressive, it still feels priceless for a boy to unveil u how much this charmer desires u. Gals love to be chased and shown attention. It is the way we are muscled. If there’s erotic tension betwixt a boy and I, I would feel that he was less manly if that Lothario didn’t make a move. Although I have made the 1st move on a lad before. I was super wanton, and I just could not wait any longer for dong.”

How do you let a lad know u want him?
“I try to give him a look that says, ‘I crave to bonk you.’ I try to say it with my eyes. I try to be physically close to him. I will touch him, or let him touch me. It is all in the body language. I’ll be open and hope he acquires the hint to seize me and fuck me!”

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