Shag It!

Fuck It!

“Some gals might acquire offended if you ask ’em to shag in a tryout, but where are they now? Waitressing in some shitty restaurant, I bet. But me? I do not mind banging. Sometimes riding the bologna pony is the merely way to acquire where you want to go. I have always been a horny floozy so I don’t actually care. Putting out in auditions has gotten me some truly great gigs, not to mention I have cum marvelous precious, too. Hey, sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve got to do. I am intend to suck knob and screw no matter what I do, so why would not I do it to help me acquire land a job? What’s the difference between fucking for a job and banging to cum? You’re just getting what u desire, and I desire to be renowned.”

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