Haydee’s Anal Training

Haydee's Anal Training

Haydee Rodriguez goes anal in this remastered episode. Haydee not only rides the stiffy adore the sexy Texas titty-twirler she’s, she too spreads up for an anal injection that is intend to orgasm with her 40G marvels overspread in cum. Her fuck-partner-slash-interviewer first have to examine her gigantic, heavy bazoomas and play with them. He discovers that they are even heavier then they look. That babe bends forward so that man can clap them jointly.

That man asks Haydee to take up with the tongue her own teats with her pierced tongue, which she easily does. Her tongue ball is giant and a bright blue, the color his balls will be if that dude doesn’t receive that tongue leaking along the shaft of his knob. After sucking and pinching her nipples to his heart’s content, Haydee’s teacher slides his knob throughout her stupendous cleavage, feeds her tubesteak, has her take up with the tongue his nuts and enjoys the kind of tit play that sends a breast-man into hooter-heaven.

After warming Haydee up with a cunt fuck, that petticoat chaser fills her expecting wazoo during the time that this babe is on her side, not fast pumping her chocolate hole and building a rhythm, then getting Haydee on her hands and knees and thrusting into her arse. To get her award, Haydee receives on her back and holds her chest-boulders together so that buck can nut them and that babe can lick off the skeet. “She was a wonderful first-year student,” her jock petticoat chaser said, giving her flesh pillows one final squeeze before leaving the XL Angels studio.

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