Bangin’ Blonde

Bangin' Blonde

Hayden, have you had that kinky experience you’ve been craving since the July ’12 issue?

“Something happened that I consider kinky, but I don’t know if other people would. I had sex with this 50-year-old lad who is my dad’s friend. I not ever thought I would a gang bang a boy that old when I was this age, but the sex turned out to be actually breathtaking.”

Whoa! How did you end up rogering this 50-year-old boy?

“He’d left smth at my house and stopped by to acquire it during the time that my parents were out. We started talking and there was so much raunchy tension. I just went for it and kissed him, and then we were making out like nutty all over the abode. We made it over to the living room bed and he ripped my briefs off and ate me out. Then that skirt chaser gave me the rogering of a lifetime.”

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